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Marvel Toys, ARTFX the Amazing Venom, Spider Man Figure, Action Figures Superhero

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best action figure toys

Marvel Toys, ARTFX the Amazing Venom, Spider-Man Figure, Venom ARTFX, Action Figures Superhero, Collectible Model

Brand Name: Hasbro
Item Type: Model
Gender: Unisex
Mfg Series Number: Model
Size: 12-27cm
Warning: not suit for under 3 years
Soldier Accessories: Soldier Finished Product(our special offer buy best action figure toys)
By Animation Source: Western Animation
Condition: In-Stock Items
Completion Degree: Finished Goods
Material: PVC
Theme: Movie & TV
Remote Control: No
Puppets Type: Model
Commodity Attribute: Finished Goods
Dimensions: 12-27cm

best action figure toys Description

Material: PVC
size about 12-27cm
packed in opp bag or box
good quality for collection

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Packaging Details

Package Weight: 0.6kg (1.32lb.)
Unit Type: piece

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Remote Control


Age Range

12-15 Years, > 8 years old, > 6 years old, Grownups, > 3 years old, 8-11 Years

Brand Name


Item Type


Puppets Type


Completion Degree

Finished Goods

Soldier Accessories

Soldier Finished Product



Commodity Attribute

Finished Goods



By Animation Source

Western Animiation

Mfg Series Number



Movie & TV


In-Stock Items



Version Type


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