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Remote Control Switch, 4 Channels Wireless Remote Control Switch For Lamp & Light, HT037, 220V


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  • Brand Name: Allsome
  • Item Type: Switches
  • Switch Type: Remote Control
  • Model Number: HT037
  • Remote Distance: 20M
  • Certification: CCC
  • Warranty: NO (buy remote control switch)
  • Input Voltage: 220V
  • Input power: 3000W
  • Remote distance: within 20M
  • Battery: 23A12V (Not included)

Description of remote control switch:

Wireless lighting controls are gradually taking over the way people control lighting systems in their homes. Actually, the use of wireless-lighting controls is now popular in many countries where home automation technology is already in its advanced stages.

With a wireless lighting system, you do not have to have numerous switches in your home to turn control lights as you can do this digitally from a wireless-control in one place or by using a remote. (buy remote control switch)

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How do the remote control light switches Work?

We added remote control features to light switches thanks to radio frequency and infrared technologies years ago. New products rely on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to add a remote control functionality to your light switches and connect them to your Smartphone.

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Why use remote control switches

Replacing an old light switch with the one you can control remotely can seem like a small upgrade. However, this will make turning your lights on and off a lot easier, and you could end up saving on your energy bills. (buy remote control switch)

We can program smart switches and light bulbs to automatically turn the lights off after a certain hour, and you can adjust the brightness to use less energy.

Easy installation is another advantage.

A remote control light switch would also be a lot more accessible for someone with reduced mobility. Any of the technologies described above would make it possible to turn lights on and off without getting up.

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Package Included

  • 1x Remote control switch
  • 1x Receiver


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Switch Type

Remote Control

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