children's toy tents, Play House Indoor and Outdoor, Easy Folding Ocean
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Indoor and Outdoor Play House, Ball Pool, Pit Game, Play Tent, Girl’s Hut, Garden Playhouse

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Children’s toy tents

Indoor and Outdoor Play House, Easy Folding Ocean, Ball Pool, Pit Game, Play Tent, Girl’s Hut, Garden Playhouse, Kids/Children Toy Tent

Brand Name: VKTECH
Dimensions: 140*128*75CM
Warning: DO NOT EAT
Material: Polyester
Type: Tent
Model Number: Baby Play Tent Kids Play House
Age Range: 13-24 Months,5-7 Years,0-12 Months,2-4 Years,< 3 years old
Features: Foldable

Children’s toy tents description

1. Ideal for home, backyard, parks, parties, day care and more
2. Lightweight and portable with a zipper carry bag
3. 140*128*75CM
4. Easy to clean.
5. Pop-up design for quick and easy assembly
6. Tent folds flat for convenient storage when not in use

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Children Toy Tent

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How much do you use the tent?

If you only use your tent every summer, you do not really have to spend a lot.

If you are planning to use your tent in all seasons and on various trips, you want to invest in something that is a little darker and you should look for a 4000 mm waterproof level and stick in the sections.

You can also consider a canvas tent or polycotton that can be better at setting the interior temperature. Our special offer children’s toy tents.

Summer offers many opportunities for outdoor activities. As well as with outdoor activities requiring outdoor accessories and accessories. Some of the most popular outside of the home games are cycling, swimming, walking, climbing, and camping. The latter can be mentioned with all the rest of the entertainment.

Children’s tents can play an important role in helping our children outdoors and attract them with outdoor activities that are healthy and attractive. We all know that children like to go out and have a better way to drive when they buy tents by buying kids.

There are currently a number of tents available on the market and the trick is to suit your children. There are a few things to consider when shopping for kids tents. First, if you want to put the tent right in your backyard, size is an important factor. If you have a remarkable open space with a vast area, the children’s play tent may not be important, but if you only have limited space, the level at which the children’s tents are set up is right. Make sure there is still around the tent. A meter around the tent is enough. The size of the tent is also something you should keep in mind if you have a lot of children or your baby has a lot of friends.

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Product Included:

Play House*1 (the ball is not included)

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Age Range

13-24 Months, 5-7 Years, 0-12 Months, 2-4 Years, < 3 years old





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