best mosquito killer, Solar Insect, Waterproof, Lawn Light
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Mosquito Killer, Zapper Lamp Garden/Lawn, Light Mosquito Killer, Waterproof, Lawn Light


best mosquito killer

Solar Insect, Mosquito Pest, Mosquito Killer, Bug Zapper Lamp Garden/Lawn, Light Mosquito Killer, Waterproof, Lawn Light

Battery: Lithium Battery 1.2V/600mAh
Pest Type: Mosquitoes
Solar Panel: 4V, 0.14W
Rated Voltage: 220-240V
Size: 150 * 150 * 570mm/5.85*5.85*22.2″

best mosquito killer description

If you are bad for spraying your body and the surroundings with toxic sprays, you will be faced with a problem with a smudge-free tech solution – the electric mosquito killer light.

What is an electric mosquito killer light?

The electric mosquito killer light (also known as an electric drain control system or simply a zapper bug) is a device that simulates other blinds and other bugs by spreading light that turns insects into traps and instantly pulls.

Solar Light Bug Zapper. 2-in-1 light/bug zapper saves money.
Uses no chemicals, no harm to humans. No wiring necessary. Easy installation. (we highly recommend this product which is one of the best mosquito killers in the market!)
It’s a great convenient way to kill mozzies, flies, and bugs inside and outdoors, with no smell, no chemicals, and no environmental pollution as it uses solar power.


1. The solar panel is waterproof, will not be damaged in the rain
2. Applies ultra purple light to attract insects & mosquitoes while killing them with over 1,000 volts
3. The white LED can be used to bring light to any garden parties or pathways
4. Super bright white (Purple Light) & UV LED
5. Environmentally friendly with solar power
6. Switch between light (one for white light and bug zapper (ON2 — light; ON1 — bug zapper)
7. Metal safely frill and internal translucent finger shield
8. Dusk to dawn sensor  (best mosquito killer)
9. Battery: Lithium Battery 1.2V/600mAh
10. No electricity or wiring needed
11. No tools required for installation.
12. Uses 2 AA Ni-CD rechargeable battery (included)
13. Size: 150 * 150 * 570mm/5.85*5.85*22.2″
14. Solar Panel: 4V, 0.14W


1 X Insect Killer

Do not miss the best mosquito killer For the garden!

Packaging Details

Unit Type: a piece
Package Weight: 0.454kg (1.00lb.)

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