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Artificial Pool, Fairy Garden Miniature House/Tower, Home Decoration, Micro Landscaping Decor,

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buy fairy garden supplies

Artificial Pool, Fairy Garden Miniature House/Tower, Home Decoration, Micro Landscaping Decor, Mini Craft, 1pcs Vintage

  • Brand Name: Horizon
  • Theme: Architecture
  • Style: Artificial
  • Material: Resin
  • Type: Bionic
  • Size: Approx. 4*5cm( Pool Tower)

fairy garden supplies description

Whether you are building a new garden or taking care of your garden now, you need gardening tools. You need your own index finger and some gardening gloves and decorating accessories.

2Tips for beautiful gardens in small spaces

1. Add floral flowers
Green gaps create diversity, contrast, and focal points. Try to plant both years old and perennial flowers. For example, the cosmos, hydrangea, sunflower, and clove.

You should not spill flowers in particular. A wide variety of herbs and vegetables also have beautiful flowers. It contains chips (purple), spring onions (white), thyme (pink to purple), basil (white or purple), pineapple juice (red), rosemary (purple), rocket (white) just like All vegetables and flowering fruits.

Ordinary Ornamental Purple Flowers cause colored aggression in any pot or garden.
Ornamental purple herbal flowers cause colored aggression in any garden or bed. (Do not miss this fairy garden supplies)

Useful insects are also attracted to your garden and are happy to pollinate and cleanse any pests. The flower in each garden is a winner.

Using common colors and tissues, 30 years of mint and a few years old are planted in the pot.

2. Weed control
Remove the weeds before sowing. Compost plants compete with what you really want in your garden. Why are you freeing food with the nutrition of your plants? Adding an attractive and practical mulch makes the weeds prevent the seeds from being set. (buy beautiful fairy garden supplies)


  • Fine workmanship is essential micro landscape DIY landscaping.
  • Suitable for succulents, various other decorative fence potted.
  • They will be to decorate your garden or the best partner for children room.

we highly recommend this product which is one of the beautiful fairy garden supplies in the market!

see how you should rooftop garden

if you want to have a great garden, don’t miss these awesome tips on how to start a garden.

Package Include:

  • Unit Type: a piece
  • Package Weight: 0.1kg (0.22lb.)
  • 1pcs Garden Decor

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