best indoor cactus plants, 100 Rare Mix Lithops Seeds, Succulent Cactus
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100 Rare Mix Lithops Seeds, Living Stones, Succulent Cactus, Garden Organic Bulk Seed

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best indoor cactus plants

100 Rare Mix Lithops Seeds, Living Stones, Succulent Cactus, Garden Organic Bulk Seed

Brand Name: YHNOO

Variety: Lithops Seeds

Applicable Constellation: Pisces

Classification: Novel Plant

Variety: Flower

Function: Air Purification

Flowerpot: Excluded

Size: Mini, Small, Medium

Location: Living Room

Use: Outdoor Plants

Product Type: Bonsai

Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy

Climate: Temperate

Style: Perennial

Full-bloom Period: Spring

Type: Blooming Plants

best indoor cactus plants description

How to grow cactus from seeds

Cactus cultivation is a simple and valuable seed. In addition, many seed companies sell packages of mixed cactus seeds, so you never know what you grow.

As for the mix, there are a lot of fun themes to go, including rare species, fast producers, best flowers, stiffness or a mixture of specific aspects.

Follow our steps to grow your cactus from seed and see which cultivars are yours.
If you are looking for quick results, to combine seed cactus.
You will need

  • Cactus seeds
  • Small plastic pots and coffee red
  • Empty compost or cactus compost
  • Vermiculite or fine sand
  • Glass sheet
  • Spoon or spoon
  • Bangs
  • Sand

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Step 1

Fill a bowl with a moist, meaty, loamy, or compacted chicken compote. Slightly tighten the surface. Spread cocoa beans over your surface, be careful that they are too weak.

cactus plants

Step 2

Gently wrap a thin layer of vermiculite or fine sand on the seeds, full coverage of the composting area. Keep the pot in a greenhouse or in a warm, warm window, with a bright plastic bag to maintain soil moisture.

Step 3

The buds develop within a few weeks. Dry the compost, remove the plastic bag and water, but spray the surface of the water regularly to maintain its moisture. (Buy indoor cactus plants)

plant seed

Step 4

Next spring, your seedlings should be ready for the bond. Use a fork or spoon to keep cocoa separate from each other regularly, be careful not to see the pigs on your skin.

Step 5

Steam a small pot with broccoli and slowly plant the cactus seedlings in place. Use tweezers to make sure the seedlings are seated at an angle.

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Step 6

Fill around the seedling with compost and water. If necessary, add more compost and then use a spoon to arrange saffron around the seedling. Keep on a sunny spot like a window, and a pot at the same time you need.

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Novel Plant


Air Purification


Mini, Small, Medium


Blooming Plants





Full-bloom Period




Applicable Constellation



Outdoor Plants

Cultivating Difficulty Degree

Very Easy


Living Room



Product Type


Brand Name


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