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Pruning Saws, gardening folding saw(knife ),Woodworking and trimmers Tools, 10 Inch

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Pruning Saws For Sale

  • Brand Name: LAOA
  • Finishing: PTFE Coated
  • Model Number: LA145250
  • Pruning Tool Type: Pruning Saws
  • Material: Metal
  • Pruner Type: Anvil
  • Feature: Folding, Anti-Slip Grip
  • Blade Length: 250MM

LAOA  tools, worth to trust

Trihedral grinding sawteeth

Brand: LAOA

SK5 quick folded pruning saw

Product name: SK5 quick folded 250mm

Material: SK5

Weight: 0.31kg

Origin: Taiwan, China

Pruning Saws Feature for sale :

LAOA folded pruning saws, use SK5 saw blade, trihedral grinding sawteeth

introduced technology by  Japan. Teeth tip deal with high-frequency quenching.

To highly improve durable ability, sharp long time.

Sharper than others.” see other Pruning Saws For Sale in here

The handle is anti-skid designed, comfortable handling and suit for long time work.

Pruning Saws For Sale

1. Trihedral grinding sawteeth

Trihedral grinding

sawteeth blade

2. High-frequent quenching ( folding pruning saws for sale)

rigidity about 60-62degree.

Sharp wear-resisting durable

3. SK5 alloy steel

Made by SK5, material for the blade

Double color anti-skid handle

The handle uses a double color wrapped anti-skid design.

Comfortable handling, not skid.

Pruning Saws For Sale

Pruning Saws ( for sale) description:

folding pruning saws are one of the most practical multipurpose tools you can use in your garden

the folding pruning saws are used to clear brush, build a shelter, saw through bone, or cut wood to size for a stove (to name just a few uses).

Because of how many uses a folding pruning saw has, I recommend it over other tools like an ax.

Since folding pruning saws are lightweight but do such a better job than hand saws or knives, they are worth carrying in your pack.

Handheld pruning saws are great for homes and nurseries and garden.

By a handheld, folding pruning saw we mean a relatively small handheld pruning saw normally used.

read this page to know how to use pruning a saw

Pruning Saws For Sale:

garden folding saw

best garden folding saw

Folding Knife



PTFE Coated


Folding, Anti-Slip Grip



Pruning Tool Type

Pruning Saws

Pruner Type


Brand Name


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