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Best Garden Hose Pipe, With Spray Gun for Watering,Garden Hose Expandable

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Best Garden Hose Pipes

Best Garden Hose Pipes With Spray Gun To Watering, Garden Hose Expandable.

  • Brand Name: Farmer bobo
  • Type: Garden Hose Reels
  • Feature: Anti-Abrasion, Soft, Flexible, Anti-Corrosion,
  • Garden Hose Reel  pipes Type: Water Hose
  • Feature2: Wall Mountable, Telescopic Handle, Rewindable, Adjustable
  • Model Number: 001
  • Material: Plastic
  • Standard: ANSI

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Instructions for using the Garden Pipes :

-When using the Garden Hose Pipes for the first time, connect the valve to one side and the nozzle to the other end, so that the nozzle opens, open the beer, fill the water gently, first place the air into the pipe Give For example, the nozzle can be sewage), then close the drinking water, then maximize the water pipe, then turn off the water, open the drinking water, remove it to its original length, then Usually use.

-Connect the Garden Hose Pipes to the tap and when the water starts to drain, the water pressure gradually increases, the water pipe is automatically cleaned and completed and then can be used through the nozzle.

-When not using the Garden Hose Pipes, close the valve, open the nozzle and drain the water from the water pipe to reduce it to the original length.

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if you want to have a best Garden Hose Pipes read the note:

Under the water pressure, the Garden Hose Pipes can be fully expanded, and even if the pressure of the water rises, water pipes can no longer be protected by the outer woven sleeve pipe is not opened. In the case of nozzles, only the pressure of internal and external pipes increases.

When the pressure is high, the lives of domestic and foreign pipes are at risk.

In addition, when the water pipe is not in use, please drain the water into the tube at the time of the pipe.

Otherwise, in a long push mode, even if the tap is turned off, the inner tube will be thick and telescopic.

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Garden Hose Reels


Anti-Abrasion, Soft, Flexible, Anti-Corrosion, Wall Mountable, Telescopic Handle, Rewindable, Adjustable

Garden Hose Reel Type

Water Hose

Brand Name

Farmer bobo





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