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Seedling Bags, Garden Supplies Environmental Protection,100pcs/ Pack

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Seedling Bags For Sale

  • Type: Nursery Pots
  • Model Number: 2
  • Finishing: Not Coated
  • Material: Non-woven
  • Color: white

Seedling Bags For Sale Feature:

the seedling bags with earth:

can use nursery (seedlings bags) grew directly out later transplanted into the large bowl or in the Garden.

will naturally degrade after transplantation, which can effectively prevent deaths and transplant seedlings in small seedlings pots in the lead Green nursery bag, buried in the soil can be naturally degraded.

non-woven nursery(seedling) bag combines the ease of use of a traditional nursery pot with the benefit of a breathable container.
Keep the roots of your favorite plants cooler with more room to grow by planting in a breathable Aeration Fabric Pot.
seedling bag for sale makes stronger, healthier plants from start to finish.
Improve overall root structure, producing more root tips.
Eliminate plant circling in pots.
comfortable to carry and move
Shorter growing time and bigger yields.

Non-woven Nursery Bags

Quantity: 100pcs/ Lot

size: 8*10 cm  (Different batches, Slight deviation in size)

Color: white

Package Included:

100 pcs *Seedling Raising Bags

Advantage Of Seedling Bags for sale:

Healthier Root System:- Encourage root pruning more than root circling
Temperature Control:  Shed excess heat through the breathable fabric
Prevents Over-watering: Excess water will percolate through the fabric material this product.
Easy Storage: we can fold up and stored with minimal space
Versatile: Can be planted directly in the ground or easily moved.

nursing pots

 Seedling Bags for sale “Healthier plant roots”:

In pots, the roots of the plants tend to grow in circles entangling themselves.

This increases the likelihood of having or oxygenation water stagnation issues, especially in larger pots that lack proper drainage.

When the roots reach the edge of a plastic pot they continue growing in search for more water and nutrients only to begin encircling the pot.

This commences the process of structural damage to your plants. The roots become constricted leading to less water and nutrient intake.

The Stem of your plant will also become compressed which leads to tissue damage further restricting nutrient intake.

Seedling bags for sale help to reduce this issue because as the roots come in contact with the edges of the fabric pot they sense the drier soil that is exposed to the air.

At this point, the roots know they have reached their growth limit. The root becomes “air pruned” which is vital to growing healthy plants in containers.

This prevents overgrowth of roots eliminating girdling roots (roots that damage the structure of the plants).

You will also get many more fibrous roots when air pruned. A rather fibrous root system (many small root tips) allows the plants to help take in more nutrients and water.

Plastic potted plants encourage a few large roots to dominate and encircle the pot which constricts nutrient uptake.

read this page to know about using growing bags for plant

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