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Garden Sprinkler, Best Spray Misting Nozzle, Irrigation Adjustable 4 Hole Brass

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 Best Sprinkler Nozzles

Best Spray Misting Sprinkler Nozzles Garden, Sprinklers Irrigation ,Fitting Hose Water, Connector for Watering & Irrigation, Adjustable 4 Hole Brass.

  • Brand Name: Mayitr
  • Model Number: brass Sprayers
  • Sprinkler Type: Oscillating
  • Type: Sprinklers

Specification Of Sprinkler Nozzles:

Nozzle outer diameter: approx. 18 mm

Material: copper

Total height: approx . 45 mm

Metric connection size of two joint (M14 x 1.5)

Nozzle inner diameter: approx . 13 mm

Connection: internal thread

Large area of spraying pesticide

The nozzle hole diameter: approx . 1.0 mm

The Best Sprinkler Nozzles can be used for large area of spray and reduce the temperature quickly

Package included:

1 x spray nozzle (4 holes)


Sprays and Sprinklers Nozzles:

Lawns and larger beds can be watered by installing sprayers or sprinklers nozzer connected through a network of tubing.

Spray Sprinklers Nozzers systems deliver mist wheres sprinklers cover a wider area with larger droplets which are less prone to evaporation.

Access to the water line for Sprinklers Nozzles:

The easiest way to supply water to an irrigation system is to connect to an existing well.

The best way involve way import operating the main line of water services, as well as installing a siphon valve that prevents the entry of salt water into grass and fertilizer.

Install the spray cap in to the Sprinklers Nozzles :

Pick the right thief head based on the needs of grass irrigation and landscaping. Before connecting the drinking water head, clean the water through the system to clean it. Install the heads on the intestines. Control levels of drinking water levels with soil surface and then Fill the holes and holes with dirt and boil

Install the Controller for Sprinklers Nozzles:

The timer controls the length and frequency of waterings. Connect the wires according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Make final connection to main water-service line. Check to see if system is working and Fine-tune all sprinkler heads to ensure even coverage.


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