Totoro Phone Ring Holder, Finger Grip Mount Rotation Plastic Stand
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Totoro Phone Ring Holder For Phones, Mount Rotation, Plastic Stand


Totoro phone ring holder


  • Brand Name: ZADPBB
  • Magnetic: No
  • Type: Ring support
  • Material: Plastic
  • Colors: Tuhao gold, white, black, rose gold, silver, pink, green, gray
  • Charger: No (totoro phone ring holder)
  • Car Holder: No
  • Has Speaker: No
  • Model Number: aaa
  • Model: general
  • Bicycle Holder: No
  • Compatible Brand: Universal
  • Use: Finger Ring Holder

Description of totoro phone ring holder:

  • If you’ve owned a smartphone for long enough, drop damage is inevitable. If you’re lucky, it falls the “right way” and doesn’t cause any permanent scuffs or cracks. With this ring holder, you get an added layer of security when your phone is in hand. Slip your finger in the ring and you really don’t have to worry about dropping your phone.
  • Maybe you prefer to bike and use a cell phone around as you hatch and catch. With this Ring, you’re able to maintain much better control of your bike while still managing to keep your phone literally on hand.

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  • This product also can use as a kickstand, which is awesome. With the ability to tilt and swivel the ring 180 and 360 degrees respectively, you have the freedom to set up your phone any which way you want. Prop it up in portrait orientation on your work desk, or flip it to landscape for watching Netflix or YouTube videos.
  • This ring holder offers in 8 familiar colors — Tuhao gold, white, black, rose gold, silver, pink, green, gray — so you should be able to find the right color to match your phone.

Safe and Convenient:

The Finger Grip Rotating Ring ensures your phone stays in your hand. With a handy grip, this finger ring aids in preventing accidental drops from your hand while offering ease of operating phone and taking selfies. Ring holder makes you feel comfortable and secures holding your phone
when you wander around the street or doing something else.

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Car Holder


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Bicycle Holder


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