Phone Card Holder, Finger Stand With Card Slot Holder
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Phone Card Holder, Elastic Finger Stand With Card Slot Holder, Anti- Slip


Phone card holder


  • Brand Name: YINGHUI
  • Model Number: Sling Grip Your Phone
  • Function: Handle grip for smartphone
  • Magnetic: No
  • Material: Silicone (phone card holder)
  • Use: Finger Ring Holder
  • Has Speaker: No
  • Compatible Model: Universal
  • Charger: No
  • Compatible Brand: Al
  • Size: Length:5.2 cm. Width:3.2 cm

elastic band strap for phone

Description Of phone card holder:

  • Allow you to take a great photo with one hand.
  • Can be attached to the back of your device or other protective cases.
  • Super thin, pocket-friendly design.
  • Put your fingers across the elastic band to hold your phone.
  • Universally suitable for mobile phones tablets, e-Readers, etc. (phone card holder)
  • Phone card holder with elastic soft universal grip handle can save cash, in a secure and comfortable hold.
  • A soft elastic band carrying handle allows a firm and natural grip on your phone with comfort during daily activities and secure banded access to your stored cash, credit card, etc. while laying flat with easy.

elastic finger grip phone holder

More description:

  • Installation on any flat backed case or smartphone.  
  • Durable and long-lasting fabric cover with an elastic band enables easier one-handed selfies, photos, texting, single-handed carry, and more.
  • This product is uniquely designed to be the slimmer and simpler way to carry your card and cash necessities while on the go!
  • Elastic soft band securely holds the cardholder and contents in place while enabling free and easy one-handed hold for your smartphone.
  • Durable and colorful fabric cover with a grip handle is soft to touch and lets you show off your one of a kind of style with a fully functional and vibrant statement accessory for your phone to display your smarts with unforgettable style to boost! (phone card holder)
  • This product attachment is a unique drop resistant and dual-slot solution that allows useful card and cash management with multi-card storage while staying impressively slim compared to other wallet attachments for your device.
  • Comfortable and stretching an elastic band securely encloses your cards in a firm hold and lets you move fluidly for an easy single-handed smartphone use while staying lightweight on your case or smartphone. The surface gripping pad also offers convenient use as a kickstand for viewing videos or movies on your screen with ease at a comfortable angle.

phone case with handle


  • First clean the surface of the device to remove oil and dirt so the adhesive securely sticks directly to the device.
  • Position the Flip Card Holder in the ideal location and double check it will fit properly on the device. (phone card holder)
  • Once confirmed, remove the backing and align the adhesive side of the cardholder to the ideal location. Press firmly.

Please refrain from overloading beyond the set capacity as it may damage the product.

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