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100pcs/set Disposable Gloves Latex

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1. Comfortable to wear, long-term wear will not cause skin tension. Conducive to blood circulation. 2. Does not contain amino compounds and other harmful substances, will not produce allergies. 3. Strong tensile strength, puncture resistance, not easy to break. 4. Good sealing, effective dust-proof emission. 5. Superior chemical resistance and resistance to certain pH. 6. No silicon component, has certain antistatic performance, suitable for the needs of the electronics industry. 7. Low chemical residues on the surface, low ion content and low particle content, suitable for strict clean room environment. Instructions for use: This product does not have left and right hands, please choose gloves suitable for my hand specifications. Note: Store in a dry and ventilated place, avoid high temperature (40 ℃). Once the product is unsealed, avoid direct sunlight, fluorescence, X-ray exposure

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