Earphone Dust Plugs New Universal Cute Diamond Cats Audio 3.5mm
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Earphone Dust Plugs, New Anti Dust Plug, Cute Diamond Cats


Earphone dust plugs


  • Type: Earphone/ Headphone/ Headset Jack Plug.
  • Material: Metal plug with Rhinestone design. (earphone dust plugs)
  • Colors: Gold + Black.
  • Compatible Model:Anti Dust Plug for iPhone 4/ 4s/5/5s/ 6/ 6s plus/ SE, Samsung s6 edge/ s7/ s8 plus.


  • Luxury Rhinestone design earphone dust proof plug.
  • New version, high quality mobile phone accessories.
  • It has two functions, first, dust proof, second, decorate your phone.
  • Rhinestone design, 3.5 mm plug.
  • Put this item into earphone when the earphone is not used.
  • Fit for all mobile phones, MP3, MP4 or tablet’s 3.5 mm earphone jack plug equipment.

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Description of earphone dust plugs:

Nowadays your phone is still going everywhere with you. High levels of dust, sweat, liquid splashes, dirt, grime, sand, lint, and other debris are going to find their way into your ports. Even when you leave your phone behind, or stow it away, your ports are still at risk. So you need an anti dust plug for your phone. (earphone dust plugs)

The materials are safe and the designs are subtle. There is a plug for almost any device, providing true versatility and dependability. The value of a dust plug is unbeatable.

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Why anti-dust plugs are so important?

  • The plugs are smooth and discreet, blending in with your phone and casing. They are affordable, offered in sets, or as individual pieces.
  • The plugs are practical and work simply by providing a solid barrier between the outside environment and your sensitive ports.
  • They prevent damage to your 3.5 mm headphone jack port, allowing your music to playback problem free. (earphone dust plugs)
  • It’s protect data ports, Android charging ports, Apple lightning ports, micro USB ports, and more from damaging debris.
  • Dust plugs do this and more, so you can stay connected, and your device can be right there with you. This is why dust plugs are an essential everyday tool and accessory.

Package includes:
1 PCs Rhinestone Cats Anti.

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Earphone Jack Plug

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