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Huawei Honor 9/ 10/ 8 Lite/ V10 Full Cove, 3D Tempered Glass

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3D Full Cover Tempered Glass


  • Brand Name: BCUYRS
  • Compatible Phone Brand: Huawei
  • Type: Front Film
  • With Retail Package: Yes (3D Tempered Glass)
  • Use: Mobile Phone
  • Compatible Huawei Model: Honor 8 Lite, Honor 9, Honor 8
  • Full-screen coverage: precision fit, no white edges, no bubbles.
  • Clean and Tidy: anti-fouling

3d full coverage tempered glass

Features of 3D full cover tempered glass:

  • Ultra-thin, Easy to Install, Scratch Proof.
  • Soft edge material, Effective full-screen protection.
  • Seamless fit, no broken edges.
  • Full-screen steel film. (3D Tempered Glass)
  • Full-screen tempered film.
  • HD full-screen protection.

Some tips to use tempered glass:

Smartphone screens make or break your experience. It is also the second necessary element of the phone to replace. If you value your device, apply a screen protector to stop scratches and other damage.

Most smartphones today boast of Gorilla Glass, Dragonflies, or other scratch-resistant glasses. This type of glass is resistant to scratches and cracks, but it’s not foolproof. Certain objects like beach sand can quickly damage your screen nonetheless. (3D Tempered Glass)

Do you want to learn how to apply a screen protector?

Tempered glass protectors have become more popular in the last couple of years. Tempered glass protectors offer better resistance against scratches, and more importantly, insulates your screen a bit against drops. It’s also more closely mimics the feel of your actual screen, which makes it much more pleasant to use.

Why do we recommend this product:

This product is 3D, It’s a seamless fit, Scratch Proof, Full-screen coverage, And also it feels similar to your actual phone screen. Your finger will slide more easily on a glass protector than a plastic protector. You could easily to install in your phone. So you will never regret paying cash for such a great 3D tempered glass. (3D Tempered Glass)

tempered glass best buy

Package: Yes

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Aixonne tells you how to choose tempered glass for mobile!


Mobile Phone

Edge-to-edge Coverage



Ultra-thin, Easy to Install, Scratch Proof



Compatible Huawei Model

Honor 8 Lite, Honor 9, Honor 8

With Retail Package



Front Film

Compatible Phone Brand


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