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Digital Electronic Thermometer, LCD Temperature, Humidity Meter Weather Station

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  • Screen Type: Digital
  • Style: Foot Station
  • Max Measuring Temperature: 50 ° C-69 ° C
  • Screen Size: 2.0-3.9 Inches
  • Part number: HTC-2
  • Power Type: AAA Battery
  • Use: Indoor
  • Display Temperature: Indoor and outdoor temperature (buy electronic thermometer)
  • Device color: White
  • Temperature range: Indoor and outdoor -50 ~ + 70 ° C (-58 ~ + 158 ° F)
  • Humidity Range: 10% -99% RH
  • Humidity Accuracy: – / + 10% RH
  • Power supply: 1.5V * 1 (AAA size) (Not included)
  • Device size: 10.5 * 9.8 * 2.4cm
  • Device Weight: 126g

Description: (Buy electronic thermometer)

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  • With a large LCD screen, easy to use.
  • You can test the indoor and outdoor temperature, the indoor humidity.
  • Maximum and minimum measured temperature value memory.
  • You can choose a 12 hour or 24-hour clock.
  • Degrees Celsius ℃ or Fahrenheit ℉ selectable unit! (buy electronic thermometer)
  • It has a clock, date and calendar function (month and date).
  • You can set the alarm clock.
  • You can place it on the wall.
  • Low power consumption, the battery can be used for a long time.
  • High stability and precision

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What the best digital thermometer has

Accurate temperature readings. No matter what other features it has, a thermometer that does not provide accurate temperature readings is useless.

Quick results With most digital thermometers, you or your sick child have to sit still, silent and motionless all the time. Having a fast thermometer allows you to do the process without doing any repetitive work because you change it or allow the machine to get out of place. The best digital thermometers deliver reading in 10 seconds or less. (buy electronic thermometer)

Comfortable test sites The ideal test site (rectal, oral, axillary/axillary or forehead/temporal) depends primarily on the patient’s age and condition.

Beep screen and backlight. It is sometimes easier to keep the temperature in the dark or to prevent someone else from waking up in the room, or to avoid disturbing the thorny and tired child.

  • 1 temperature and humidity meter with probe (Does not include retail box or battery)
  • 1 x English Manual

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Temperature range

Indoor and outdoor -50 ~ + 70 ° C (-58 ~ + 158 ° F)

Device Weight


Device size

10.5 * 9.8 * 2.4cm

Power supply

1.5V * 1 (AAA size) (Not included)

Humidity Accuracy

– / + 10% RH

Humidity Range

10% -99% RH

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