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    Sexy Triangle Bikini Set, Solid Swimsuit for Women, Summer Beachwear, Red Low Waist Swimsuit

    $15.65 $7.98
    • 1-pink1-pink
    • 2-yellow2-yellow
    • 3 black3 black
    • 4-orange4-orange
    • 5-wine red5-wine red
    • 6-red6-red
    • 7-blue7-blue
    • 9-Fluorescent yellow9-Fluorescent yellow
    • LL
    • MM
    • SS

    Low waist swimsuit


    • Type: Two Pieces Bikini Set
    • Gender: Women
    • Material: 82% Nylon + 18% Spandex
    • Color Style: Natural Color
    • Size: S, M, L, XL
    • Style: Solid Bikini
    • Pattern Type: Solid

    Description: (Low waist swimsuit)

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    What print or trend do you want for summer?

    • Black & white prints

    Elegant and classic, this style will always make you feel amazing and beautiful. Bold designs in black and white create the perfect slimming silhouette for both the pool and the beach.

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    • Tropical prints

    This trend is our best choice for spending this summer vacation. These tropical and forest-inspired prints look great in any form and have a great summer style. (low waist swimsuit)

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    • Flower print

    Create glamorous romantic swimsuits with floral motifs and floral beauties. The bright or pastel prints of the flower will surely brighten the summer every day! Beautiful details and divine contrasts, flowers are really a beautiful style for summer.

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    • Stains and corrugated printing

    Stripes are the perfect slimming option this season no matter what size you are looking for. Whether you’re looking for marine style, retro, classic or bold statement text, a pair of striped swimwear is a must-have this summer. (low waist swimsuit)

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    • Digital printing and photography

    This trend is our best choice for spending this summer vacation. These digital prints look great in any form and offer a wide range of styles in the summer. Optical graphic prints are a fun and new trend, great to express.

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    • Print colored blocks

    The hottest trend this season will be full of geometric prints and statement pieces, full of bright colors and bold shapes. Well, the bright colors and structures in this style are prominent among the crowd. The funky shapes and lines make it all slim when it comes to color and slim this season. (low waist swimsuit)

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    82% Nylon + 18% Spandex


    Solid Bikini

    Color Style

    Natural Color

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