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Horse Walking Wall Art, Animal Canvas Home Decor

  • 12x3612x36
  • 16x4816x48
  • 20x6020x60
  • 24x7224x72
  • 28x8428x84
  • 8x248x24

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  • Type: Canvas Prints
  • Medium: Waterproof ink
  • Material: Canvas
  • Form: Individual
  • Frame mode: Unframed
  • Technician: Spray Paint
  • Subjects: Animal
  • Style: Impressionist

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Wall decor sizes

  • Mini 10 “-17”

Short wall decorations are 10 to 17 inches in diameter. Although pieces of this size can stand alone, they are often designed as a group or as part of a gallery wall.

  • Small 18-24 “

The size of wall decorations is 18 to 24 inches in diameter. The art of small magic works well when combined with other small artwork and when assembled with other pieces in a gallery wall.

  • Large 33-40 “

Wall decoration between 33 and 40 inches is considered very large. A large wall artwork can complement the look of most rooms.

  • Oversized 41 ‘+

Any wall decoration that is 41 inches or larger is considered to be large. Great wall art can be the focal point of a wall. In small rooms, these components can overshadow space.

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Wall decor types

Canvas wall art

Canvas graffiti is a process in which an image is printed on a canvas where it is drawn or wrapped in a gallery. The edges of the print wrap around the frame and fasten to the back of the canvas. Canvas wall art can also include original paintings, generally oil paintings.

Glass Wall Art

Glass wall art includes wooden glass pieces, Tiffany stained glass, glass shade boxes and more. Many of these pieces include unique shapes, templates or handmade elements. These artworks may include other materials in their design, but the glass should be the primary material for a piece to be classified as glass wall art.

Wood Wall Art

Wood wall art includes wood carvings, sculptures, and shelves made of wood as the main material.

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