Men's Magnetic Bracelets, Hematite Copper Bracelet, Bracelets With Hook
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Men’s Magnetic Hematite Copper Bracelet, Bracelets With Hook

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Men’s magnetic bracelets


  • Bracelets Type: Beaded Bracelets
  • Style: Casual / Sporty
  • Color: Black, Silver, Gold
  • Therapy Bangles: Health Care Jewelry
  • Material: Metal, Hematite Copper Bracelet
  • Copper Bracelet: Magnetic Health Bracelet
  • Metals Type: Stainless Steel
  • Clasp Type: Pearl-Clasps
  • Gender: Men
  • Shape \ pattern: Geometric

Description: (Men’s magnetic bracelets)

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Types of bracelets

There are various bracelets on the market today. Although there are cheap bracelets made of rubber, plastic and synthetic beads, the world of jewelry is dominated by metal bracelets, often made with precious gems.

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The major bracelet styles that rule the market are:

  • Tennis bracelet

The tennis bracelet displays the asymmetric layout of the gem in the rope or channel environment. Tennis bracelets are the most beloved style and get their name from the famous tennis player Chris Everett, who once wore such a bracelet during his game. Although tennis bracelets have always been decorated with diamonds until recently, the new trend is witnessing the use of other precious stones. (men’s magnetic bracelets)buy mens bracelets

  • Bangles

Bangles are a type of bracelet and were originally called bangles. They are a type of metal bracelet with a flat surface or texture. These bangles may also be embedded with precious stones. Gold bangles and diamond bangles are the most popular types of bracelets. (men’s magnetic bracelets)

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  • Link bracelets

Link bracelets have a series of similar pieces of jewelry or gemstones that connect together to form a substantial length bracelet. It can have simple chain links or very sophisticated metal links with or without jewelry decorating metal links.

  • Charm bracelets

Another implementation to a charm bracelet is the embossment of amulets or talismans to the bracelet for luck, prosperity, etc. (men’s magnetic bracelets)

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Metal, Hematite Copper Bracelet


Casual / Sporty

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