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Birthday stand balloons


  • Classification: Balloon Inflator
  • Shape Style: Round
  • Material: Plastic

Description: (Birthday stand balloons)

Latex balloons

Standard latex balloons. These balloons are standard “good quality” balloons. They are also the ones who can cool off and make important jaws from the whole package exploding to celebrate a baby’s birthday.

These balloons, which are full of oxygen, do not float by themselves, so tend to use plastic rods and cup holders to create the illusion that they are floating (they also have harmless play weapons). These balloons can last 8-10 hours, slightly longer than a regular party. (birthday stand balloons)

This brings us to the next generation of helium latex balloons. As the name implies, the design of the balloons makes the helium swell complete.

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One type of balloon you may have never heard of is Hi-Float latex balloons. This is a term given to helium latex balloons when they have been subjected to a special fluid test that adds an extra layer inside the balloon to give it longer shelf life. (birthday stand balloons)

Balloons treated with Hi-Float can often stay in the air for up to 3 weeks. As we approach the end of our balloon spectrum, we hit the foil balloons. These are non-plastic balloons that tend to have a wide range of printed designs on the front. These balloons can be a bit coarse in appearance, but they are much less popular than latex balloons. They also generally take 1-4 weeks longer depending on size and environment.  (birthday stand balloons)

However, foil balloons tend to burst very easily if left out in the hot sun, since the foil skin is not stretchable like latex.

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Balloon Inflator

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