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Casual Wooden Belt for Women, Elastic Straw Belt, Decoration for Dress

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  • BeigeBeige
  • BrownBrown
  • 90CM90CM

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  • Item Type: Belts
  • Fastening material: Knitted
  • Style: Casual
  • Gender: Women
  • Pattern Type: Solid

Description: (Buy wooden belt)

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Belt colors

An important part of choosing and buying the best belt is color coordination planning. The general rule is to match shoes and belts. Leather corresponds to leather. This rule is suitable for formal and casual wear. Although there are belts of every color, there are four basic belts that easily complement any outfit.

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Black belt – This belt will match the black shoes. Leather is usually preferred because of its durability and stylish appearance. (buy wooden belt)
Brown belt – This belt corresponds to brown shoes. Leather is a popular choice of materials.
Casual belt (Any color) – This belt fits sneakers or tennis shoes. Belt material can be synthetic or fabric.
Reversible Belts – This is an economical belt choice. This type of belt is made of leather or Fox leather and has two colors, brown and black that are reversible.

Do you want to learn how to choose belts for women?

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Belt types

Leather belt
Leather belts are the oldest and most basic style of these accessories. They are usually made of slim and off-color. They may have different types of dogs. For those who refuse to use leather products because of environmental concerns, there are many options available on Fox leather. Fox leather belts are much smaller than the original leather belts. (buy wooden belt)

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Elastic belt
This belt is made of elastic material or such elastic. Many beads and crystal fashion belts are of this type.

Braided belt
This belt has a woven or fabric pattern. Leather or suede. Depending on the size, it can be worn on the waist or hip.

Jeans belt
Wide or narrow leather or suede belts in black, brown, beige or tan can be paired with jeans. Belts of other materials in colors such as white and navy blue can also give a chic look. (buy wooden belt)

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Narrow belt
This belt with the perfect dress is excellent. Choose and print the color depending on the dress you want to wear. Silent colors and animal prints complement solid color clothing. Slim belts with floral prints can spice up your casual clothes.

Chain belts
Chain belts complement both long and short clothing. They offer versatility with the charm of shiny metal chains that have a spell class. Some chain straps have a leather base.

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