Waterproof Front Bike Light, Handlebar USB Charging Bicycle Flashlight
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Bicycle Waterproof Front Light, USB Charging Bicycle Flashlight, Handlebar Cycling Light

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Waterproof front bike light


  • Mounting Position: Handlebar
  • Power supply: Battery
  • Size: 10.5×4.1 cm
  • Weight: approximately With speed meter / Horn / Battery status: 170g, Light with battery status: 135g, light with logo: 120g
  • Material: ABS

Description: (Waterproof front bike light)

best waterproof bicycle lights


  • 3 types: Light with speed meter/horn/ Battery status, light with horn/battery status, light with horn / Logo
  • 4 light modes: high brightness, low brightness, flash, yellow light
  • 6 horn ring: whistle, alarm, trumpet, didi, Jiji
  • The lithium battery inside, 2-3 hours change, can use 3-5 hours.

best bicycle front light

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Light terminology explained

Lumen: The number of lumens represents the total amount of light emitted by a given source.

bicycle flashing front lightbest bicycle lights

Lux: Lux is a measure of the intensity of light in an area or surface, usually measured at a distance of one to ten meters. If you think the “lumen” represents the total amount of light emitted by the bike’s light, luxury measures the amount of light transmitted from a distance to the surface. So assuming the number of bulbs in the light is constant, the larger the surface, the more luxurious it will be. The opposite is also true if the area is smaller, it will be more luxurious with the same lumen value.

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Beam angle: The angle of the beam indicates the amount of light emitted from the main source. Some lights have an acute beam angle that focuses directly forward (increasing the luxury of light), while others have a wider beam angle that expands (reducing the luxury of a light). This is sometimes referred to as a “bundle”. The wider bundle increases the beam angle and light emission. The smaller the bundle, the narrower the beam angle and the light discharge. (waterproof front bike light)

bicycle front light

Beam type/setting: Super, High, Full, Standard, Regular, Low, Flash, and Pulse are just some of the various beam types or settings you may encounter. Brands describe the type of beam exiting the light their own way, and so it pays to delve a little deeper into these descriptive terms to find out what each name represents and how that impacts on run time. (waterproof front bike light)

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Burn time: How long it takes for a light from full charge to flat on a particular beam type or setting.

best bicycle front light

Package content:

1 x bike light

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