Snake Leather Belt Online, Snake Leather Belt for Women, 105x2.3cm
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Snake Leather Belt for Women, 105×2.3cm

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  • 105cm105cm

Snake leather belt online


  • Item Type: Belts
  • Pattern Type: Print
  • Fastening material: PU
  • Belt Width: 3cm
  • Gender: Women
  • Style: Novelty

Description: (Snake leather belt online)

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Anatomy of a belt

The vast majority of belts (when you move beyond simple strings) have two parts: buckles and belts.

Many of the belts also have a retaining ring or end tip (usually the tip is metal or leather on fabric belts). The end tip protects the end of the belt against damage/erosion and makes it easier to buckle. After removing the belt, the loop retains the free end from clapping.

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In some belts, the strap and buckle are permanently attached. In others, they can be separated and the buckle is turned off. The part of the buckle that attaches it to the strap is called the left. (snake leather belt online)

Do you want to learn how to choose belts for women?

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Strap material

Leather is the only material suitable for clothing belts.

The most common leather used for belts is varied in several ways: Full-grain leather is the best appearance and toughest, while calves are the softest and softest. The lowest quality official belts will be whole grain calves.

Ostrich, lizard, crocodile, and crocodile. These shells are technically less belt material but work in a darker form.

The ostrich belt is a bold look, illustrated with pockets full of prominent feathers. They tend to be expensive.

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The crocodile straps and crocodiles are even higher and use a soft pattern and texture. (snake leather belt online)

This durability is low, and the best Fox leather looks real, though they don’t produce the same leather pallet.

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Strap width

The belt should be 1 to 5 inches wide and be narrower. The belt at the 1-inch end is suitable for a smaller man and a waist under 34.

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Fastening Material


Belt Width




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