Wall Mounted Phone Box, Storage Box, Mobile Phone Box, 1pcs
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Wall Mounted Storage Box, Mobile Phone Box, 1pcs

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Wall-mounted phone box


  • Type: Storage boxes and containers
  • Feature: Filled
  • Plastic Type: ABS
  • Shape: Square
  • Style: Modern
  • Material: Plastic
  • Use: Remote Control
  • Capacity: 6 * 6 * 6.5cm

Description: (Wall mounted phone box)

wall phone box

Select an operating system

Today there are only two smartphone operating systems worth considering: Android and iOS.

Both are easy to use and support a wide range of applications and games. While you can switch from Android to iOS or from iPhone to Android, there is a learning curve. You will be at home at any moment on any platform you have used before. (wall mounted phone box)

Android offers a wider selection of devices at different prices, more customization options, and a built-in suite of great Google services and apps. If you already use things like Google Maps, Gmail, and Google Docs, Android would be better for you. It also has the best virtual assistant – Google Assistant – which is always helpful.

waterproof cell phone box

iOS offers a more seamless and accessible experience, is safer, and the App Store experience and quality are a little better. If you already have a MacBook or iPad, an iPhone is probably going to make the most sense for you.

Accessories You’ll also find iPhone accessories, which can be limited to lesser-known Android devices. (wall mounted phone box)

For a more in-depth interpretation of the two smart operating systems, see our guide to Android vs. iOS, where we group them head-to-head.

We recommend you to read this article about the benefits of phone cases.

cell phone box

2 Quick Tips

Get the right page. If using one hand is important to you or if you have less, buy a phone smaller than 5.5 inches. (See Best Small Phones for more information.) If you like to watch a lot of movies, play games or want to use Multi Windows mode on Android, get a larger screen phone. However, phone makers are now making big-screen phones like the 5.8-inch Galaxy S8, thanks to the larger 18: 9 aspect ratio. (wall mounted phone box)

cell phone box

For the phone display, the color and brightness are greater than the resolution. A 4K display on the phone is great, but it’s overused. Pay more attention to the brightness of the display, so it’s easy to see the outside and how colorful the panel is (AMOLED panels are better than LCDs). The newest phones offer high dynamic range (HDR) for displaying even more colors.

phone wall box

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6 * 6 * 6.5cm


Remote Control

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