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Decorative Bear Pink Artificial Foam Flower, for Home/Wedding Decoration,36/72/144 Pieces, 2cm

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  • 36pcs36pcs
  • 72pcs72pcs

Buy foam flowers online


  • Type: Pink
  • Classification: Artificial flowers
  • Material: PE
  • Occasion: Wedding
  • Flower style: Flower branch
  • Flower Diameter: 2cm

Description: (Buy foam flowers online)best flower decoration

Tips on buying home accessories

1. Know your size restrictions

The first thing we do to identify accessories for a particular space is to measure the space. If it is a shelf, we can see how tall the peripherals can be and identify the approximate width.

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2. Identify very loose instructions

After specifying the sizes, we pay attention to the many loose instructions on what we want. These notes usually include items that if we are looking for a few long items, maybe if we are looking for (empty) short/wide/ color / neutral items, there may be some colors we hope to include. Loose guidelines make hunting a little more frustrating, but we want to emphasize that we never provide a list of the real things we are looking for because it makes hunting so much more challenging and challenging. More frustrating. (buy foam flowers online)

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3. Don’t ruin the bank

We rarely use expensive home decoration accessories because we are usually confident that we can find the things we love that are affordable.

4. Choose things that are meaningful

We love a pretty shelf but we really love a complete shelf that tells a story about the homeowner. Try incorporating things into your home decoration that is important to your story, your travels, the important people in your life, and more. (buy foam flowers online)

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5. Buy your own home

Before buying, take a look at your home and try using the tools you already have. So many times we re-work around our home and move to new places in our home and immediately find a new love for these old pieces. Try using what you have before buying a new one.

We recommend you to read this article about living room decoration.

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6. Intermittent heights

This is more after you buy your belongings and start styling, but we thought you might know this information when shopping/searching for new things. One of the most important styling tips we use is to combine pieces of varying heights to add interest and visual depth. Keep this in mind while you’re out shopping. Layering tall stuff with medium and short stuff is important … so try buying different sizes and shapes – frames included! The more variety in height / shape / texture / even color (to some extent) the better. (buy foam flowers online)

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7. Add books

As far as we’re concerned, books are always an important part of a design space. If you’re a big reader and have a library, buy your house and set it up in advance!

8. Only buy what you like

And last but not least, just buy and never buy what you have completely under your control … especially when you feel desperate to get things done soon. Wait and wait for things you absolutely love to make sure you love them (and love your space) for years, and even years. (buy foam flowers online)

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Flower style

Flower branch

Flower Diameter


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