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Blue Euro Bedding Set, Luxury Bedspread Cover, Double Adult Queen King Bedding

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  • Type: Duvet Cover Sets
  • Pattern Type: Infinity
  • Application Size: 2m (4 feet)/1.5m (5 feet)/1.8m (6 feet)/2.2m (7 feet)
  • Grade: Quality
  • Technician: Fabric
  • Thread Count: 100TC
  • Fabric count: 30
  • Fabric Density: 128X68
  • Pattern: Printed
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Style: Jacquard
  • Duvet Cover: 150 * 200cm/ 180 * 220cm/220 * 240cm
  • Flat sheet: 160 * 230cm/ 200 * 230cm/230 * 250cm
  • Pillowcase: 48×74 cm x 1 unit

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Material bedding

  • Weave

This is as important as the materials used in your sheets and pillows. When a textile manufacturer collects different materials, they have to decide on the style of the fabric. This means connecting two threads, which form a fabric or fabric. Some materials with certain fabrics are also better. (buy bedding sets online)

  • Percale

Also known as a simple fabric, it is woven tight and adheres to a rigid, uniform ratio below. The material is soft and opaque. This transverse texture is consistently firm to the advantage of making the textures clutter-free and prevents rupture and rupture.

  • Sateen

A higher proportion of excessive twist tissue – in some cases, four to one underneath – indicates a looser than average texture. The texture is often smooth and resistant to wrinkles. Satin also has a higher luminosity than percale. In the downtrend, satin fabrics may be prone to hook and less durability. (buy bedding sets online)

  • Twill

Twill fabrics, unlike beats and satin, which have straight fabrics have a diagonal pattern. This is fabrics are better for bulk and durable materials. Higher numbers make it more resistant to weather.

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  • Flannel

A piece of flannel fabric is often made of heavy fabrics that are soft and warm. Flannel fabrics are measured in GSM (grams per square meter). They are great for removing moisture from the body but are not ideal for good materials.

  • Jersey

Many customers love jersey weaves on sheets and pillows because they feel like a soft, comfy t-shirt. Jersey weaves are sometimes referred to as a single or plain knit and have flat vertical lines on the front. (buy bedding sets online)


  • Manual measurement of 1-3cm error is allowed
  • The size of the country is different, check it before buying
  • Set of covers without comforter, only covers

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100% polyester



Duvet Cover

150 * 200cm/ 180 * 220cm/220 * 240cm

Flat sheet

160 * 230cm/ 200 * 230cm/230 * 250cm

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