Glitter Mobile Cover, 3D Diamond Mirror Cover for Samsung, Silicone Case
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3D Glitter Diamond Mirror Cover for Samsung, Soft Silicone Case


Glitter mobile cover


  • Type: Fitted Case, 3D Diamond Glitter
  • Function: Dirt-resistant/ Anti-knock
  • Size: For Samsung Galaxy A7 A6 A8 Plus 2018 A5
  • Mixed order: Yes
  • Features: 3D Diamond Glitter Case
  • Color: 8 Colors
  • Design: Adorable/ Metallic/ Geometric/ Animals/ Gloss/ Patterned/ Exotic/ Bright/ Transparent/ Abstract

Description: (Glitter mobile cover)

glitter phone case

Why do you need phone covers?

Drop protection: Mobile phones of today are stylish and sleek slabs composed of metal, glass, plastic or a combination of these. They are very light and are compact and portable. These advantageous features also render them extremely fragile and susceptible to damage. Even an accidental slip or fall could smash the screen, leave dents in the body of the device and cause irreparable damage to the phone. (glitter mobile cover)

Cosmetic concerns: To prevent such accidents, it is important for us to safely protect our cell phones using phone covers that protect the phone from accidents. We work with our cell phones every day. Repeated use can also stain the phone and leave marks on it. These marks can ruin the beauty of your phone. Another important reason to have your phone is the opportunity to use your style and choice!

Camera protection: Even if you don’t worry about occasional scratches or even back cracks, you have something to worry about. Some phones, like the iPhone, have a camera lens behind the phone. Therefore, lenses are prone to damage. This can lead to poor quality photos. (glitter mobile cover)

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glitter mobile case


There are many features added to the base model to enhance the durability and durability of the case or cover:

  • Water-resistant

Such cases are made from water retarding materials like silicone, plastic, and rubber. They may not be 100% waterproof but can protect the phone from minor spills.

  • Fire retardant

These are heavy-duty phone cases to protect the phone against fire. They are usually made of hard metal or leather and are suitable for outdoor conditions. (glitter mobile cover)

  • Hand strap

A simple hand strap is made of leather or nylon, which can be wrapped around the hand. This improves the grip and prevents accidental slipping. This hand strap is very useful if you are going outside.

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3D Diamond Glitter Case

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