Phone Cases for Samsung, Sandstone Matte Soft Phone Case
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Sandstone Matte Soft Phone Case for Samsung

  • A01A01
  • A41A41
  • A51A51
  • A71A71
  • A81 and Note 10 LiteA81 and Note 10 Lite
  • A91 and S10 LiteA91 and S10 Lite
  • For A6 Plus 2018For A6 Plus 2018
  • For A7 2018 A750For A7 2018 A750
  • For Samsung A20For Samsung A20
  • For Samsung A30For Samsung A30
  • For Samsung A40For Samsung A40
  • For Samsung A6 2018For Samsung A6 2018
  • For Samsung A6SFor Samsung A6S
  • For Samsung A7 2018For Samsung A7 2018
  • For Samsung A70For Samsung A70
  • For Samsung A9 2018For Samsung A9 2018
  • For Samsung A9SFor Samsung A9S
  • For Samsung J4 2018For Samsung J4 2018
  • For Samsung J4 PlusFor Samsung J4 Plus
  • For Samsung J4 PrimeFor Samsung J4 Prime
  • For Samsung J6 2018For Samsung J6 2018
  • For Samsung J6 PlusFor Samsung J6 Plus
  • For Samsung J6 PrimeFor Samsung J6 Prime
  • For Samsung J8 2018For Samsung J8 2018
  • For Samsung Note 10For Samsung Note 10
  • For Samsung Note 8For Samsung Note 8
  • For Samsung Note 9For Samsung Note 9
  • For Samsung S10For Samsung S10
  • For Samsung S10 LiteFor Samsung S10 Lite
  • For Samsung S10 PlusFor Samsung S10 Plus
  • For Samsung S10EFor Samsung S10E
  • For Samsung S7For Samsung S7
  • For Samsung S8For Samsung S8
  • For Samsung S8 PlusFor Samsung S8 Plus
  • For Samsung S9For Samsung S9
  • For Samsung S9 PlusFor Samsung S9 Plus
  • S20S20
  • S20 PlusS20 Plus
  • S20 UltraS20 Ultra
  • Samsung A50 and A50SSamsung A50 and A50S
  • Samung Note 10 PlusSamung Note 10 Plus
  • BlackBlack
  • BlueBlue
  • Dark PurpleDark Purple
  • graygray
  • Wine RedWine Red

Phone cases for Samsung


  • Type: Fitted Case
  • Design: Abstract/ Plain/ Business/ Matte/ Vintage/ Exotic
  • Compatible Samsung Model: A8/ S10 LITE/ S10 PLUS/ S10E/ S8/ S9/ Note 9/ a series/ S10/ A30
  • Retail Package: Yes
  • Function: Anti-knock
  • Feature: Top-class Design + Precise Hole + Fashion Accessories/ Shock-Proof + Scratch-Resistant + Anti-Skid + Dirt-resistant

Description: (Phone cases for Samsung)

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Screen protector

Screen protectors do exactly what their name implies (they protect your screen). These are usually plastic or glass cutters that fit perfectly on your screen to prevent scratches on your screen.

Now screen protectors come in two different flavors: plastic and glass. Plastic shields are generally flexible and protect against scratches. Glass shields are a thin sheet of really strong glass that not only provides scratch protection but also provides a bit of strength to your phone screen. (phone cases for Samsung)

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Materials used in mobile phone cases and covers

The materials used to make the cell phone cover must be strong, flexible, and affordable. There is very little material that meets all of these requirements.

  • Leather – Used in wallets, sleeves, and jewelry. Leather has a high degree of protection. It also has a delicate and delicate appearance. The only downside to buying it is its high price. (phone cases for Samsung)
  • Artificial Leather – This is a good alternative to the original leather. Cheaper and durable. It is the most popular material used in cases. But it lacks the classic look and durability of real leather.
  • Silicone / Gel – This material is the most used material for making bags and coatings. It is robust, flexible and affordable. Usually used in cases of skin type. (phone cases for Samsung)

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Top-class Design + Precise Hole + Fashion Accessories/ Shock-Proof + Scratch-Resistant + Anti-Skid + Dirt-resistant

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