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10-inch Balloon for Birthday Decoration, Blue/Pink Confetti Balloon


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  • Classification: Balloon
  • Shape Style: Round/ Pentagram
  • Occasion: Wedding and Engagement
  • Material: Latex

Description: (Buy confetti balloons)

Latex balloons

Latex balloons can be filled with air or helium depending on the quality of the balloon. You will often find large quantities of balloons for sale at very low prices, but they may not be of sufficient quality to use helium or they may use helium but will disappear after a short time. Helium-quality latex balloons are thicker than standard balloons and often look very dark when inflated rather than inflated. (buy confetti balloons)

Decorative quality latex balloons last 12 to 16 hours with helium filling, so don’t do them the day before. Air the room daily, but keep the balloons filled with direct sunlight until you need them.

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Tying latex balloons

Here is a brief explanation – try this out using a balloon with air, then if you don’t get it for the first couple of balloons you won’t have wasted precious helium: (buy confetti balloons)

This method allows you to glue the tape and balloon together in one operation, and also allow the balloon to be adjusted to the ribbon if you need to change its height.

  1. Hold the balloon neck in your left hand between your finger and middle finger.
  2. Place the ribbon in your left hand between your thumb and forehead.
  3. Swipe the balloon neck above the thumb and forehead and swipe to the left of the balloon. Swipe right behind the balloon and forehead to reach the next step on your thumb and forehead.
  4. Open your thumb and forehead and pull the neck through it.
  5. Wet the ribbon and move the balloon gently along it. (buy confetti balloons)

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Shape Style

Round/ Pentagram




Wedding and Engagement

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