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  • Type of sport: Cycling
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Frame material: Acetate
  • Color: 14 colors
  • Lens Width: 8CM (buy cycling glasses online)
  • Lens material: Plastic
  • Function: Windproof, Anti-UV400, Explosion-proof
  • Lens Height: 5CM
  • The optical attribute of the lenses: LENS
  • Frame Color: Various

Description: (Buy cycling glasses online)

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Why do I need performance eyewear?

In the first step, bike goggles are designed to be able to cover the head completely around the eyes, meaning that you are protected even from projectiles coming from poor angles. do. In addition to offering a wide field of view, this sophisticated design can hold lenses in addition to bike glass, especially for bulbs or if you take a quick look at your bike computers.

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Second, lenses are usually equipped with materials and special features to meet the demands of two-wheel operation, while the frames themselves are extremely lightweight and aerodynamically designed. (Buy cycling glasses online)

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Finally, and not necessarily most of all, they also look great especially in terms of a complete bike kit.

See some tips about buying a bike for wiser shopping!

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Some features of glasses

  • Anti-fog breaker

To prevent fog, especially in cold weather, a special anti-fog coating is used on the lenses. Others have specially designed valves that allow you to quickly fog every haze.

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  • UV protection

The UV protection is important for long days in the saddle, especially as it can be difficult to spot the damage the sun exposes to your eyes. (buy cycling glasses online)

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  • Photochrome lenses

Photochromic lenses automatically change color depending on the amount of light exposure. While this technology comes at a price, it is very beneficial for those who are going through changing conditions.

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  • Extra lenses

Performance goggles are often accompanied by extra lenses, so you can switch between shades that best suit the need for riding, such as extra dimming lenses to improve late-night vision.

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Lens Width


Lens material



Windproof, Anti-UV400, Explosion-proof

Lens Height


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