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12-inch Gold/Silver/Black Latex Balloons, Helium Balloons for Wedding/Birthday Party Decorations, 10/20/30 Pieces

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Buy helium balloons online


  • Material: Latex
  • Shape Style: Round
  • Classification: Balloon
  • Weight: 2.2g
  • Size: 12inch
  • Style: Babyshower / Birthday party decoration

Description: (Buy helium balloons online)

There are two main types of balloons available: latex and foil.

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When buying a balloon, make sure when you want to fill it with helium. Also, keep in mind that the term balloon is often used as a generic term for the different types of balloons that we have broken down below:

  • Foil balloons

As its name implies, foil balloons are made of foil. The purpose of the foil film is to keep helium as high as possible: because of its atomic structure, helium can easily escape the balloon. However, the metal layer of the foil balloons prevents this and allows it to float further. The foil balloon material is not tensile.

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  • Latex balloons

Because of the consistency of rubber such as latex – both rubber and synthetic – they are also referred to as rubber balloons. However, for helium, latex balloons must first be at least 25 cm in diameter and secondarily have good quality latex consistency. At discount stores, you often find cheap latex balloons, which have a cheap chemical composition. However, this means that the latex structure is relatively porous and the gas is able to escape faster.

party helium balloons

Helium balloon decorations

  • Table decorations:

We recommend three latex balloons or two foil in each decoration. Works very well for latex – usually, more than three is too much, while less than three can make the decoration a bit smooth. Foil balloons are different because you can get different shapes and because they are significantly larger than latex balloons, so two numbers are ideal in each table.

  • Floor decorations:

We recommend at least five latex balloons and at least three foils per decoration. Strange numbers usually look better than ever. You can always add more balloons but when you go beyond seven latex balloons you get your own space without adding too much. (buy helium balloons online)

  • Ribbon

For each arrangement, you will need a weight which needs to be heavy enough to support all the balloons and ribbon. The ribbon must be non-metallic for latex balloons as metallic ribbon can cut latex balloons. For table decorations, you need about 1.5 meters per balloon, for floor decorations you need about 2.25m per balloon.

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