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6W White Nail Dryer, UV LED Lamp, UV Gel Polish Dryer for Home


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  • Item Type: Nail Dryer
  • Material: ABS
  • Weight: 35g
  • Voltage: USB
  • Size: 97mm * 34mm
  • Commodity quality certification: 3C
  • Power: 6 W

Description: (Buy nail dryer)


  • 100% brand new retail and high quality.
  • Small and exquisite!
  • Double Light
  • No Black hands
  • No Dazzlings!
  • 6 W of power!
  • USB charging
  • 3 LEDs
  • Comfortable eye contact, sensational burning relief. (buy nail dryer)
  • Egg-shaped design, convenient to carry and store.
  • Suitable for professional or domestic use.

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best led nail dryer

When it comes to nail lamps, we currently have three types namely:(1) UV nail lamp, (2) LED nail lamp and (3) Mixed UV LED Nail Lamps (SMART nail lamps).

LED lamps only cure LED-specific gel brands, whereas a UV lamp cures most of the polished gel. This means you can use a UV lamp with a UV lamp, but if you have a UV nail lamp you can only use a UV polish, as you cannot treat them with an LED lamp. (buy nail dryer)

However, there is new technology in this block. This technology calls it double emitter lamps/beads. This technology has led to the development of what we call UV SMART LED nail lamps. These nail lamps have optical beams that emit light that covers a wide range of UV bands. This lamp enables them to treat various types of gel nails without having to worry about their differentiation. With this smart dryer, your choice of rubber gel will no longer be imposed on the type of lamp you have at home. In addition, these smart lamps have the best LED and UV lamps. (buy nail dryer)

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