Best Fish Cleaning Tools, Scale Scraping Device With Cover for Kitchen
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Fish Scales Graters, Fish Scraper Cleaning Tool, Scale Scraping Device With Cover for Home Kitchen

  • Type A GreenType A Green
  • Type A WhiteType A White
  • Type A YellowType A Yellow
  • Type B SilverType B Silver
  • Type C BlueType C Blue
  • Type C GreenType C Green
  • Type C GreyType C Grey
  • Type C WhiteType C White
  • Type D SliverType D Sliver
  • Type E YellowType E Yellow
  • Type F 1pc YellowType F 1pc Yellow
  • Type GType G

Best fish cleaning tools


  • Type: Fish Grip
  • Size: 5×4.5cm
  • Material: PP
  • Features: Fish Skin Brush Scraping/Fishing Scale Brush Graters/Fast Remove Fish knife Cleaning/Fish knife Cleaning Peeler Scaler/Scraper/Home Kitchen Cooking Tools/Cooking Accessories/Practical Skin Fish shaver Cleaning Tool

Description: (Best fish cleaning tools)

fish cleaning tools


  1. Fish-shaped design, lovely, brings a lot of fun for home life;
  2. Cover design, fish scales do not fly scratching, easy to operate;
  3. The protruding bottom easily scratches the scales;
  4. Easy to rinse, clean and sanitary, handle with hanging hole design, can be hung, placed more carefully; (best fish cleaning tools)

fish scale cleaning tools


A: Length 17 cm / 6.69“, weight 37g; Color: green, yellow, White packing: Kraft paper
B: Length 20 cm / 7.87“, weight 48g; Color: silver Material: stainless steel Packing: Kraft paper
C: Length 16 * 5.5 * 4.5cm / 6.3 * 2.17 * 1.77 ”, weight 40g, Color: gray, white, blue, green Packing: Kraft paper
D: Material: stainless steel Color: silver size: 19.5X3.5 cm / 7.68 X inches Weight: 62g Packing: OPP bag (best fish cleaning tools)
E: Material: PP Color: yellow size: 17×3.7×2.5 cm / 6.69×1.46×0.98 “Weight: 25g
F: Product size: 17X3.8 cm Material: ABS, Color: yellow
G: Material: stainless steel size: 19X3.8 CM / 7.49X1.5 inches/Weight: 40g

best fish cleaning tools

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fish cleaning tools

Types of fish scalers

  • Scrapers or Brushes

Scraper type scalers are made from plastic and stainless steel. They look like gardening tools and have a handle and broad head and teeth. (best fish cleaning tools)

fish cleaning tools

  • Peelers

These tools look similar to a vegetable peeler and are usually made of plastic. The blade’s serrated edges help peel off fish scales, and those that have a scale catching compartment make cleanup easier.

fish cleaning tools

  • Drill bucket scaler

Similar to a drum scaler, this tool can be used to descale multiple fish at one time. The beaters attach to an electric drill. After dumping the fish, rinse and wipe down the bucket.

best fish cleaning tools


Allow 1-3 cm of measurement deviation due to manual measurement. (best fish cleaning tools)

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