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Rose Gold Confetti Balloon, Latex Balloon for Wedding Decoration, 12 inch/5 inch

  • Macaron D11 PurpleMacaron D11 Purple
  • Macaron D12 LiPurpleMacaron D12 LiPurple
  • Macaron D14 LiBlueMacaron D14 LiBlue
  • Macaron D16 MixColorMacaron D16 MixColor
  • Macaron D17 LakeBlueMacaron D17 LakeBlue
  • Macaron D18 GreenMacaron D18 Green
  • Macaron D2 GreyMacaron D2 Grey
  • Macaron D22 Orange2Macaron D22 Orange2
  • Macaron D3 RedMacaron D3 Red
  • Macaron D6 PinkMacaron D6 Pink
  • Macaron D7 YellowMacaron D7 Yellow
  • Matte D20 BlackMatte D20 Black
  • Matte D21 WhiteMatte D21 White
  • Matte D23 RedMatte D23 Red
  • Matte D25 LiRosRedMatte D25 LiRosRed
  • Matte D26 PinkMatte D26 Pink
  • Matte D29 BlueMatte D29 Blue
  • Matte D31 LakeBlueMatte D31 LakeBlue
  • Matte D32 QianBlueMatte D32 QianBlue
  • Matte D33 YellowMatte D33 Yellow
  • Matte D34 OrangeMatte D34 Orange
  • Matte D36 LiPurpleMatte D36 LiPurple
  • Pearl A13 OrangePearl A13 Orange
  • 1g 5inch mini Ballon1g 5inch mini Ballon
  • 2.2g 10inch Balloon2.2g 10inch Balloon

Best confetti balloons


  • Material: Latex
  • Classification: Balloon
  • Shape Style: Crown/Letter/Number/Oval/Mickey Mouse Ear/Plant/Butterfly/Ox Horn/Antelope Horn/Cartoon Figure/Antler/Flower/Fruit/Bunny Ear/Round/Gesture/Animal Cartoon/Band/Tie/Heart/Pentagram

Description: (Best confetti balloons)

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What accessories are used for balloons?

Some other balloon accessories that would be helpful for your balloon adventure are balloon weights and curling ribbons. These can just be anything that is heavy-weight.

If you buy them with balloons, they are usually nicely wrapped and decorated blocks of concrete. (best confetti balloons)

As balloons are beautiful and harmless, there are some safety / environmental issues that come with them. Most latexes and some plastics are organic and therefore biodegradable, however, the foil and most plastics are not, and therefore not biodegradable and require proper disposal.

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Latex balloons

Latex balloons are the standard “good quality” balloons. They’re also the ones that give you giant headaches and throbbing jaws from blowing up the whole packet for a kid’s birthday party. (best confetti balloons)

These balloons can last for 8-10 hours, a bit longer than an average party.

We recommend you to read this article about the balloon.

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This brings us to our next breed of balloons, the Helium Latex Balloons. As the name suggests, the design of the balloons makes it perfect for helium inflation.

Made from a more premium quality latex than the standard latex balloon, they can withhold the air inside (in this case, Helium) for much longer. Hence, this balloon lasts much longer than Standard Latex Balloons and also has its own float. These balloons also last for 8-10 hours. (best confetti balloons)

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Latex Balloons is a term given to Helium Latex Balloons when they have undergone a special liquid treatment that adds an extra layer inside the balloon to make it long-lasting. Balloons treated with Hi-Float can quite often stay afloat for up to 3 weeks.

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