Best Gel Nail Dryer, 36W UV lamp LED Nail Lamp Dryer for All Gels
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36W UV lamp LED Nail Lamp Dryer for All Gels, Detection Timer, LCD Screen Smart Manicure


Best gel nail dryer


  • Item Type: Nail Dryer
  • Weight: 3kg
  • Voltage: 100v-240v
  • Infrared sensing: No
  • Ice Lamp: Dryer For Nail Polish
  • Sun Light: Led Light
  • Drying: Smart Timing (best gel nail dryer)
  • Power: 36 W
  • Commodity quality certification: CE
  • Material: ABS
  • Usage: Lamp For Gel Varnish
  • Manicure Machine: Lamp For Manicure
  • For All Gels: UV Gel / LED Gel
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Size: Dryer For Nail

uv gel nail dryer

Description: (Best gel nail dryer)

best gel nail dryer

The wattage of the lamp

The cooking time is the lamp voltage. The lamps will come with different voltages, from 12 W and up. Generally, the higher the watt, the faster the drying time and the better the ripening efficiency. Therefore, a watt lamp can also be an important factor in choosing your nail lamp. For example, for a UV lamp, I don’t buy anything below 20W, while anything below 12W for a LED nail lamp does not have good cooking results. However, the prices also tend to increase as the wattage of the lamp increases. and our next consideration is the price (best gel nail dryer)

led nail lamp dryer

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led nail polish dryer

Curing speed of the nail lamp (Cure times)

You do not want a lamp that takes forever to dry your nails. So, speed should be a big contributor to your buying decisions. Generally, LED lamps are faster, while UV lamps are slower. This is due to the fact that a UV lamp works within a broad light spectrum, so it takes longer to cure and dry the nails (up to 5 min).

best nail polish dryer

But the LED versions work in a narrow light spectrum, which enables it to cure and dry your gel polish (within 2 minutes) Obviously, these times will depend on the layers of polish you have applied. It can take 30 seconds to cure a layer under LED light, while it will take up to 90 seconds in a UV lamp. As stated above, the mixed UV LED lamps to combine the best of the two types. (best gel nail dryer)

buy nail polish dryer

However, even between the same type of nail lamp (e.g., if we are comparing only UV lamps), you will notice that some brands are faster than others. Several factors will determine the speed. But you also should check what preset time controls does the lamp have: 14s, the 30s, 45s, 60s, 90s?

best nail polish dryer

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led nail polish dryer led nail lamp dryer best gel nail dryer uv gel nail dryer

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