Teddy Bear Foam Roses, Teddy Bear Artificial Flower, 25cm Size
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Bear Foam Rose, Teddy Bear Artificial Flower, 25cm Size

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Teddy bear foam roses


  • Style: Flower
  • Material: PE
  • Flower Style: Flower Head
  • Weight: 110g
  • Classification: Artificial Flowers
  • Sizes: 25 cm rose bear/5.9 inches * 5.9 inches * 8.66 inches

Description: (Teddy bear foam roses)

What is floral foam?

Simply put, floral foam is a dense, lightweight and porous material that can be cut into virtually any shape. It holds its shape when wet and provides both water and support to your cut flower arrangements. The density of the floral foam means that it holds large quantities of water, which in turn, increases the life of your flowers. It also provides increased support to the flower stems, giving you more control over your arrangements. (teddy bear foam roses)

In addition, floral foam is pH balanced. Another important feature of floral foam is how quickly it will soak and absorb water.

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Why use floral foam?

Some arrangements, such as those in a traditional vase, don’t need foam. However, by using foam you can create fantastic flower arrangements which, without a strong base, couldn’t be supported. (teddy bear foam roses)

Foam spheres, for example, allow you to create amazing hanging floral compositions. Round forms are great for show-stopping centerpieces, and specialty shapes such as crosses and funeral bats are wonderful for creating beautiful arrangements for funerals and many other religious occasions.

Flower foam not only gives you the basics of these settings but also allows you to provide a sustainable water source for flowers by keeping the water inside the foam. This extends the life of cut flowers and gives you and your customers more value. (teddy bear foam roses)

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Flower Style

Flower Head

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