Samsung Clear View Phone Case, Mirror Phone Case
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Clear Mirror Phone Case, for Samsung Galaxy S9 S8 S7 S6 Edge Plus Note 8 9 for A3 A5 A7 A8 2017 J3 J7 2018


Samsung clear view phone case


  • Compatible Samsung Model: Galaxy S6 Edge/Note 8/S7/S6 Edge plus/S9/Note 9/S7 Edge/J Series/S6/S8/S8 Plus/a series/S9 Plus
  • Type: Foldable Case
  • Features: Leather Flip Case
  • Function: Dirt-resistant/High strength protection/Anti-knock
  • Retail Package: Yes
  • Design: Bright/Business/Metallic

Description: (Samsung clear view phone case)

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Type of materials for case

It is also important to know a little bit about the material you are going to choose for your case:

  • Rubber: Rubber is one common material for the bumper case. Take advantage of premium rubber, phone cases deliver the effective elasticity to protect your device from a bump or accidental damage. (Samsung clear view phone case)
  • Gel / Silicone: For people who do not know, this is the main component which is used widely for making phone cases. Silicone is flexible and easy for individuals to take the case in or out of their phone. Besides, those who cannot afford the price can choose this one as one ideal option.

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  • Leather: Basically, premium leather is often used for sleeves and wallet case. Purchasing with leather, you will have the chance to experience the durability for long term use, but also the sleek performance to reveal the elegance.
  • Metal: Offer the best protection. However, using metal means it adds more weight and especially more dollars when paying the bills.
    Cotton or Canvas: Obviously, phone cases require the heavy-duty item to prevent serious damage when you’re not careful. But with soft fabric or cotton, women and girls can have more options to pick one item for protecting their phone. (Samsung clear view phone case)

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Do you want to learn how to how to choose the best iPhone case?

clear view mirror phone case

Case cleaning tips

Did you know that smartphones and tablets are among the dirtiest things we touch every day? Touch screen devices are known to be a safe haven for all species of germs and bacteria. Some companies are trying to create glass that kills germs, but until such a time, it is our duty to keep our device clean and hygienic.

In fact, the case which is supposedly protecting our phone can be just as filthy, if not filthier. So, cleaning your device periodically can help your phone be clean of dust and dirt, and keep you healthy too.

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Dirt-resistant/High strength protection/Anti-knock

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