Best Wireless Speakers With USB, Audio/Music Receiver Adapter
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Professional USB Bluetooth Wireless Speaker, Audio/Music Receiver Adapter for Car/Home


Best wireless speakers with USB


  • Bluetooth standard: Bluetooth V2.1

Description: (Best wireless speakers with USB)

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Instructions for use:

  • Insert the receiver into the USB interface of the speaker.
  • Open the mobile phone with Bluetooth (or the computer) and look for the Surrounding Bluetooth Devices to find a device called BT-DONGLE and the pairing code is 0000 (if you ask) after the pairing is successful, the light LED will be delayed.
  • Then you can select music via Bluetooth from a cell phone or a computer, great music will be played from a speaker

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  • Built-in microphone, support hands-free function. (best wireless speakers with USB)
  • The USB Bluetooth music receiver or extension line also does not need traction cable, does not need 3.5mm headphone line to transfer and send.
  • The Bluetooth V2.1 Bluetooth music receiver provides reliable and high-quality sound.
  • You can also remember up to 6 paired devices, even if the user has a variety of Bluetooth devices.
  • Compact and small size design, easy to carry.
  • Perfectly compatible: our products can be compatible with almost 95% of the mobile phone in the market. Compatible with iPhone and most types of smartphones. (best wireless speakers with USB)

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See some tips about buying a speaker for a wiser shopping!

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Speakers in furniture: Do you need to put some of your speakers in a hobby cabinet? If so, you’ll want to avoid the big bookshelf or monitor the speakers with ports that produce a lot of basses. All of these basses will just get healthy in the cabinet and probably produce some unwanted resonances. If you have to put speakers in a cabinet, plan to find a bookshelf speaker that stops the bass playing at about 80 Hz.

While we’re at it, the interior of the cabinet is about the worst place you can attach a portable subwoofer. Choose a place for your underwear, or plan your underwear in a way that makes it easy to get rid of it in a hidden location. (best wireless speakers with USB)

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Bluetooth standard

Bluetooth V2.1

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