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  • Sports Type: Culture
  • Closure Type: With laces
  • Template material: PU
  • Appropriate place: Wooden floor/ PVC floor/ Cement court
  • Upper Height: High
  • Sole material: TPR (buy basketball shoes online)
  • Upper material: Leather
  • The level of Practice: Beginner
  • Gender: Men
  • Feature: Waterproof, Height Increase
  • Zapato Width: Medium (B, M)
  • Lining Material: Synthetic

Description: (Buy basketball shoes online)

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Types of basketball shoes

High tops – The term high tops refer to the height of the collar of the shoe. High tops will cover the entire ankle, however, they do not provide much ankle support. The higher collar can make a player feel more secure in the shoe, while also providing more lacing up the front of the foot to the bottom of the shin.

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Mids – It’s not as tall as the tops, but it still shows a little more coverage at the bottom. Most modern basketball shoes have midrange tops. Moderate popularity stems from less restriction than high level and lighter weight.

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See some tips about buying basketball shoes for wiser shopping!

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Low Tops – These shoes are similar to a running shoe in height, but still provide all the support necessary for playing basketball. The collar height of a shoe does not contribute to ankle support, so low tops are a viable option if you or your player needs a full range of motion and the least amount of weight.

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The upper portion of the shoe can be made of a few different materials like:

  • Woven Textile

– It is made up of very strong yarns that provide the lightest and highest breathability. It is the most modern and expensive material on the market today.

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  • Leather

-Leather was formerly the basic building block of basketball shoes, but the cost of leather and its weight has made manufacturers use much lighter and less expensive materials. It is still used today as accent patches on some shoes.

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  • Woven Poly/Mesh

– Most shoes are made of this material. Using plastic/nylon yarns, manufacturers can create a tight fabric or mesh that can also be very breathable.

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  • Fuse/Plastics

– Usually used on the upper part of the shoe, the shoe is very solid and very plastic, with zero breathing. If cost is not an option, then a woven fabric can buy everything from a basketball shoe.

With the advent of modern basketball socks, that poor humidity, the breath-taking ability of the shoe is getting lower these days. Not all players want high breathability in their basketball shoes.

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Upper Height


Sole material


Upper material


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