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5pcs Soft Fishing Lures, Silicone Fishing Bait


Soft fishing lure


  • Category: Lure
  • Lure Type: Soft fishing lure
  • Position: Ocean boat fishing, ocean rock fishing
  • Brand Name: Haodiaozhe
  • Model Number: YT387
  • Type: Artificial bait
  • Length: 45mm/1.77in
  • Weight: 0.7g/0.02oz 
  • Material: Silicone (Soft fishing lure)
  • Color: 8 Different Colors
  • Quantity: 5pcs/lot
  • Target Fish: Pale chub, bass, Pikes, Yellowcheck carp, Chinese perch, Topmouth culter
  • Diving Depth: Sinking

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Description: (Soft fishing lure)

They create life-like swimming actions in water!
Bright colors? to attract big fish!
3D eyes make it a powerful catching tool!
If you’ve ever used a lure for fishing, you know how effective they can be. For those of you who haven’t, a fishing lure is a type of artificial bait used to attract fish. Lures come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors, each designed to attract a specific range of fish species. (Soft fishing lure)
Here we describe some benefits of using lures for fishing:
  • Lures allow you to cast further than using live bait.
  • Using lures is less messy than using live bait.
  • Lures are better for catch and release because the fish are less likely to gulp the entire hook.
  • Using lures allows you to target a species more accurately.
  • Lures are easily interchangeable.

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Package includes:
5 * Fishing lure


Lure Type

Soft fishing lure



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