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Mesh Laundry Wash Bags, Clothes Washing Machine Laundry Bra Aid 30 x 40 cm


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  • Style: Modern
  • Material: Nylon 
  • Color: Show as in the picture (Buy washing bag)

Description: (Buy washing bag)

  • This washing bag protects clothes, reduce rolling and distortion in a washing machine and make clothes in the previous state.
  • Bag surface cooperates with washing machines and makes washing easier and quicker. (Buy washing bag)
  • This bag protects the crock of the washing machine and lengthens the usage of the washing machine.
  • It Can help avoid stretched straps, snags, and damaging other clothing with loose bra hooks.
  • It also keeps clothes from getting lost. (Buy washing bag)
  • Made of qualified material and being durable, it is the perfect washing article of modern family
  • Choose a suitable bag for washing. When filling clothes, make it less than 2/3 of the bag’s volume. Put it into a washing machine after drawing the zipper.
  • It is suitable for all washing process of the washing machine, dewatering machine, dryer.
  • It protects the clothes from wrapping with other clothes in the washing machine. (Buy washing bag)
  • It can be used with all automatic washing machines, semi-automatic washing machines, drying machines.

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Package includes:

1 x Washing Bag





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