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AirPods storage box


  • Model Number: HS374
  • Feature: Eco-Friendly
  • Lattice Quantity: 1
  • Style: Modern (AirPods storage box)
  • Material: Silicone

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Description: (AirPods storage box)

  • New and high quality
  • Suitable for AirPods earphones
  • Compact, lightweight, and extremely durable AirPod case
  • The case is made of flexible, impact-resistant silicone material. Environmentally friendly silicone
  • Easy access to the charging port. (AirPods storage box)

How clean AirPods case:

While most owners consider the cleaning of AirPods wireless headphones important, cleaning of the storage and charging case isn’t as much of a priority. But keeping the charging and storage case clean is important for keeping your Apple gear looking and performing like new, and keeping it hygienic, too.

Give the case general cleaning. Start by using a scratch-free microfiber cloth for a general rub-down and preliminary cleaning. Wipe down the exterior of the case, and get rid of any easy-to-remove lint, dirt, and wax. (AirPods storage box)

Use a cotton swab or cotton ball to clean the charging ports and other nooks and crannies. You want to remove as much dust and lint as possible from the contacts to ensure that the case continues to charge quickly and to prevent shorting out.

Keeping these grooves clean will keep your case looking new. Dampen your swab with a little water or alcohol, as necessary. But don’t use enough to soak the cotton, as you do not want drips falling into the electronics of the case. You can gently work wax and dust from these difficult areas with a swab that is only lightly dampened. (AirPods storage box)

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