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Beard Shaping Styling Comb, Men’s Shaving Brush

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Beard styling brush


  • Item Type: Beard comb, beard shaping styling comb
  • Model Number: Beard comb for men
  • Size: Normal size
  • Material: Wood

Description: (Beard styling brush)

About the comb:

  • The comb is made of natural black golden sandalwood. the material is a top one for comb, its products have natural fragrant.
  • The smell of vanilla, when the time goes by, the color will be deeper and more charming.
  • Durable, easily handled for daily use, One of its use for beard, the others for hair.
  • The benefits:anti-static, snag-free and no tangles are also the benefits.
  • The bag is made of high-quality PU leather with suede lining, it is so soft that it gives you incredible texture. (Beard styling brush)
  • It also will give your comb the best protection.

Men’s Boar Bristle shave brush:

  • High quality, natural boar bristles, it is hard.
  • It can use with all shaving creams and soaps of all skin types.

Men’s nylon bristle shave brush:

  • Extremely dense, incredibly soft, creates a perfect rich lather, soft enough to feel smooth on your skin.
  • Silky, soft and firm, works well with all shaving soap and foam, easy to clean.
  • Absorbent is good, it helps you apply shaving cream fast and get a real wet shave. (Beard styling brush)
  • This brush can whip up a thick, foamy lather that covers your beard area completely.
  • Suitable for animal protectors and vegetarians.

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About the badger hair shaving brush:

  • 100% pure badger hair shaving brush with resin handle.
  • Easy to keep water and work up a perfect rich lather just in a second, get peerless comfortable grooming.
  • The handle is designed according to the principle of ergonomics. It is easy to hold tight and easy to place. suitable for all types of shaving razors.


  • There are not exactly the same two leaves in the world, so there is not the same wood. (Beard styling brush)
  • The comb is handmade, so there will be an error of the measurement.
  • There will be a little difference in color texture and measurement in the different comb, It’s a normal phenomenon.

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Beard shaping styling comb



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