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1Pack 12inch Helium Balloons, Colorful Balloons For Birthday And Wedding Party, Latex Confetti Air Balloon

  • 100pcs Balloon Clip100pcs Balloon Clip
  • 10M rose gold ribbon10M rose gold ribbon
  • 5 blue con 5 blue5 blue con 5 blue
  • 5 gold con 5 balck5 gold con 5 balck
  • 5 gold con 5 blue5 gold con 5 blue
  • 5 gold con 5 gold5 gold con 5 gold
  • 5 gold con 5 pink5 gold con 5 pink
  • 5 gold con 5 pink#25 gold con 5 pink#2
  • 5 gold con 5 RG5 gold con 5 RG
  • 5 gold con 5 rose5 gold con 5 rose
  • 5 gold con 5 white5 gold con 5 white
  • 5 green con 5 green5 green con 5 green
  • 5 purple con 5 purpl5 purple con 5 purpl
  • 5 RG con 5 gold5 RG con 5 gold
  • 5 RG con 5 pink5 RG con 5 pink
  • 5 RG con 5 RG5 RG con 5 RG
  • 5 rose con 5 black5 rose con 5 black
  • 5 rose con 5 gold5 rose con 5 gold
  • 5 rose con 5 pink5 rose con 5 pink
  • 5 rose con 5 pink#25 rose con 5 pink#2
  • 5 rose con 5 rose5 rose con 5 rose
  • 6pcs color ribbon6pcs color ribbon
  • 6pcs RG ribbon6pcs RG ribbon
  • black seriesblack series
  • GoldGold
  • gold seriesgold series
  • Metal blueMetal blue
  • Metal dark purpleMetal dark purple
  • Metal gold SeriesMetal gold Series
  • Metal silver SeriesMetal silver Series
  • rose gold seriesrose gold series
  • rose pink seriesrose pink series
  • SilverSilver

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  • Classification: Balloon
  • Name: 12inch Balloons
  • Brand Name: DIY House
  • Model Number: CH1824 (Buy latex balloon)
  • Custom Made: No
  • Material: Latex
  • Number of pieces: 10 pcs.
  • Shape Style: Oval, Heart
  • Condition: 100% new and high quality
  • No.: COCO-030
  • Color: multi
  • Type: Latex inflatable balloon
  • Style: confetti latex balloon

Details (Buy latex balloon):

  • Perfect decoration for weddings, parties, shopping malls, promotions
  • Make your wedding/party cute and romantic (Buy latex balloon)

It can be used for birthday party, wedding & engagement, anniversary, thanksgiving, baptism, new year, Christmas and etc.

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Birthday party decoration ideas:

Banners with birthday messages

Birthday banners can be as elaborate or simple as you like. A simple banner might exclaim “Happy Sweet 16, Sara!” in purple and silver lettering, for example. You can also try something more on-theme; for instance, for a royal-themed party, create a scroll-shaped banner with a message like, “Hear ye, hear ye! It’s The Queen’s birthday!” (Buy latex balloon)

Use colorful balloons

You can find balloons in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and materials. Children enjoy colorful balloons.

Use balloons to guide guests to the party area

Tie helium balloons to objects along the way to create a path from the parking area to the outdoor party area. Helium balloons are very light and so they are suitable. (Buy latex balloon)

Create photo-collage

Go with images of the birthday person at different ages and doing a variety of things to create a sentimental vibe. Images that include their friends and family members are also a great idea, especially those that you know will be in attendance at the party. You may want to print the images from digital files to prevent original photographs from getting damaged, though. (Buy latex balloon)

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