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Hair growth serum


  • Item Type: Hair and scalp treatment
  • Name: Macadamia nut oil hair growth essence
  • Brand: LELNIA
  • Ingredient: Morocco nut oil, bacas oil, almond oil, grape seed oil, honey essence
  • Net Weight: 0.7 fl.oz/20ml
  • Model Number: hair growth liquid
  • Feature: keratin hair treatment (Hair growth serum)
  • Product Features: Extraction of natural Moroccan nut oil, it contains rich and super concentrated fruit kernel essence +vitamin E, fatty acid, linoleic acid, the precious hair care component, can be effective repaired hair scale, nourishing the cuticle, smoothing the manic, protect hair from external injury; And can be hair growth, bright hair, smooth hair, give hair light.
  • Ingredient: Morocco nut oil, bacas oil, almond oil, grape seed oil, honey essence. Amino acid, raisin factor, essence, vitamin E, dynamic cement, grain hydrolysis,2Hydroxyl, polydimethyl silaxane.
  • Applicable skin: A variety of skin.
  • Slogan: Macadamia nut oil hair growth essence
  • Shelf Life: 3 years (Hair growth serum)
  • Scope of application: Haircare, hair loss, split ends or breaks, rough and dull hair, hair is not smooth, etc.

Description: (Hair growth serum)

Haircare is a very important and hygienic routine for both men and women. Nobody wants to go out with frizzy, dry and unhealthy hair.

The oil has a wonderful composition, if only because of this, it is worth trying, it contains two silicones, but they go in the last place, and at the beginning, there are oils: macadamia, almond oil, grape seed oil, honey, vitamin E. It nourishes the hair roots from the roots, provide full nutrition for the hair roots, and makes the hair stronger, shiny and soft. Achieve the effect of preventing hair loss and promoting hair loss and promoting the growth of hair. (Hair growth serum)

Brushing and Maintenance:

Use high-quality brushes or combs without sharp plastic or metal teeth, to avoid cutting the ends.
Brushing is a critical aspect of proper hair maintenance. It must be done when it is completely dry. When you brush it, you stimulate the root, and you also distribute the natural fat that is found on the scalp, so that it can be distributed in the direction of the tips, which usually tend to dry out.


  • If your skin feels discomfort, please suspend use.
  • Please keep away from light, to avoid direct sunlight. (Hair growth serum)

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Item Type

Hair and scalp treatment


Macadamia nut oil hair growth essence

Net Weight

0.7 fl.oz/ 20ml


keratin hair treatment

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