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Digital Voltmeter, 0-100V Voltage Meter, DC Voltage Tester

  • DC 0-100V BlueDC 0-100V Blue
  • DC 0-100V GreenDC 0-100V Green
  • DC 0-100V RedDC 0-100V Red
  • DC 0-100V WhiteDC 0-100V White
  • DC 0-100V YellowDC 0-100V Yellow
  • DC 2.5-30V BlueDC 2.5-30V Blue
  • DC 2.5-30V GreenDC 2.5-30V Green
  • DC 2.5-30V RedDC 2.5-30V Red
  • DC 2.5-30V YellowDC 2.5-30V Yellow
  • DC 2.5V-30V WhiteDC 2.5V-30V White

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  • Model Number: Digital voltmeter
  • Brand Name: Diymore
  • DIY Supplies: Electrical
  • Power Supply: DC
  • Operating Temperature: Digital Voltmeter 12V
  • Accuracy Class: Digital Voltmeter 100V
  • Three-wire measurement range: DC 0V-100V
  • Two-line measuring range: DC 4-30V
  • Working current: Over 20mA (Buy voltmeter)
  • Input Range: DC 5-30v
  • Showing: Three 0.28 inch digital tube
  • Size: 24mm*11mm*9mm
  • Perforation size: 23mm*10.5mm
  • Refresh rate: 200ms/Time
  • Measuring accuracy: 1%
  • Operating temperature: 10±65 Celsius

Description: (Buy voltmeter)

Digital voltmeter abbreviated is a tool to measure the electrical potential difference between two points in a circuit. In fact, it measures the input voltage after converting the analog voltage to digital voltage and displays it in number format using a converter. The digital electronic instruments also reduce the human and the parallax error because the reading is directly shown in the numeric form. Digital voltmeter has an automatic range selection and a high speed. It provides a better resolution. For example, it can read on a 1-volt input range. The electronic voltmeter uses the amplifier which avoids the load error. You can use a digital voltmeter to know the actual voltage of different components and also check if there is power in the circuit, such as the mains outlet. (Buy voltmeter)

In fact, voltmeter works on the principle of Ohm’s law, which states that the voltage across a resistance is directly proportional to the current passing through it. Knowing the voltage across a circuit, current can be calculated. in conclusion, digital voltmeters are more stable and reliable. As far as the accuracy of voltmeters is concerned, digital voltmeters are more accurate than analogue voltmeters. It also simply connect the red and black wire to the positive and negative pole of measured voltage respectively.

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  1. Three-wire digital voltmeter, 0.28 LED display, mini, with reverse protection. (Buy voltmeter)
  2. Voltage measurement range regulated: DC4-30V, need an external power supply.
  3. It’s also a good tool to monitor battery and charging Voltage status of auto, moto, car, etc

Package includes:

1 x Digital voltmeter

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