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90pcs Sticker For Bottle, Reusable Labels

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Bottle stickers


  • Brand Name: DE.SOUL
  • Pattern: Plane wall sticker
  • Style: Creative
  • Model Number: Spice Stickers HFEP0384
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Censor CodeJar Stickers HFEP0384
  • Pen: White oily pen (Bottle stickers)
  • Effect: Wait for half a minute after writing, naturally dry
  • Quantity: 9pcs label + 1pcs oily pen
  • Quality: Waterproof sunscreen non-toxic environment protected
  • Content: Applicable to a variety of wall tile stickers
  • Specification: Multi-piece Package

Description: (Bottle stickers)

Do you just hate it when you can’t find what you are looking for? Everything is neatly stored in closed containers but it’s stacked up, so you don’t know where is it?
Here’s the perfect solution:
Using board labels stickers, your home will be both organized and stylish. We all love to have an organized home and of course, it has to look good too. Everyone likes things tidily stored away, but labeling those containers is the key to a good and successful organization.
-These easy to use labels provide the perfect stylish solution to labeling all your storage items. (Bottle stickers)
-Simply peel and stick the label to your container. Then use any kind of chalk, from regular to liquid chalk, to write on the label.
-You can use these labels over and over again to organize and personalize any space in your home from the kitchen to the kids’ bedrooms.


1. Convenient to carry with its unique design.
2. Easy to write with chalk and erase.
3. Suitable for indoor or outdoor with the waterproof function.
4. Used as name tags, gift tags for weddings, birthdays and so on. (Bottle stickers)
5. Make as herb pots, vegetable labels in garden, office, supermarket, etc.
6. Label jam jar, soda jar, milk bottle, etc. in the kitchen.
7. An indispensable item to your daily life.
This product is equipped with an oily marker pen. The ink of the pen is also waterproof. It can’t be erased after drying. If you want to repeat the writing, you can use chalk to mark it.


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White oily pen


Waterproof sunscreen non-toxic environment protected

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