Best Vinyl Wall Decals, Monkey, Removable, Decals For Kid's Room
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Vinyl Wall Sticker, Monkey, Removable, Decals For Kid’s Room


Best vinyl wall decals


  • Brand Name: ZOOYOO
  • Model Number: M17247
  • Material: Plastic, Vinyl
  • Pattern: Plane Wall Sticker
  • Classification: For Wall
  • Theme: Cartoon
  • Size: about 50*70cm/ 19.7″\* 27.6″
  • Package: Single-piece

Description: (best vinyl wall decals)

Wall decal, or wall sticker, is a vinyl sticker that is designed to stick on the wall or any other smooth surface like windows and tiles.

They are good for retail walls or for your own home’s interior design. There are various types, shapes, and sizes of stickers. They can be tiny and simple, or they can be elaborate, big murals that cover up an entire wall. (best vinyl wall decals)

vinyl comes in many different finishes from glitter to metallic, to mirror effect. With wall decal stickers, you can also print out a full-size image and cut around borders.

Benefits of wall decal stickers


If you’re into DIY and want to make your room stand out, go for custom made wall decal stickers. Bring your very own touch into any room by printing your own designs.

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Practicality and ease of use

Forget about stressful picture hanging, nails, and tools. Just peel back the side of the decal and stick it whenever you like. The painting also creates a mess. With wall decals, you can skip the hassle. You won’t have to protect your floors, furniture, or clean afterward. (best vinyl wall decals)

Very affordable

Wall decal stickers are way cheaper than painting or artworks. For a minimal amount of money, you can redecorate your home or office and give it a fresh new look.

High quality

These vinyl stickers are made to last. They are very durable and will last for years. Wall decal stickers are printed with vibrant, quality inks. It’s common to find them printed with abrasion-resistant ink. They are also quite thick and not flimsy or easily torn. (best vinyl wall decals)

Package included:

  • 1 x Monkey Jungle Wall Sticker.

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Brand Name



Plastic, Vinyl

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