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    Clip-on Lapel Microphones, Microphone for Mobile Phone for Talking Conferences, 2pcs, 3.5mm

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    Best lapel microphone


    • Adjustment Type: Single microphone
    • Style: Headphones with microphone
    • Use: Conference Microphone
    • Communication: Wired
    • Transducer: Condenser Microphone
    • Package: Yes
    • Polar patterns: Omnidirectional

    Description: (Best lapel microphone)

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    Types of microphones and their applications

    Most microphones fall into one of two categories: dynamic microphones and condenser microphones – and these are characterized by significant differences.

    Typically, dynamic mica is very uneven than capacitors and make them more suitable for use in the stage.

    Condensers, on the other hand, are more sensitive and delicate, so most are used for studio recording. These are generalizations; there are dynamic microphones that are often used in recording settings and condenser models designed to control the stiffness of the stage work. (best lapel microphone)

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    Dynamic microphones

    The dynamic microphone opens a new window. Use an inductive coil attached to a diaphragm and place inside a permanent magnet field. As the diaphragm moves, the coil moves, so it generates the voltage of the coil. These subtle changes in output voltage shape the output of the microphone. (best lapel microphone)

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    Most have the option of installing internal shock for hand use, and their polar patterns reject off-axis sounds. These are the reasons why dynamic microphones do not perform well in live audio conditions, although some are used regularly for recording.

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    Ribbon microphone

    Ribbon microphones work on the same principle as other dynamic microphones, but instead, use a thin strip that vibrates at a voltage change. They soften the sound and transfer heat to the recordings. (best lapel microphone)

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    Condenser microphone

    In condenser mixes, a thin conductive diaphragm is positioned near a metal plate called the backplate and generates a capacitor. When the acoustic wave pressure causes the diaphragm to shake, it changes the distance between it and the back panel, thereby causing a change in the output voltage. This output produces a variety of electronic microphone signals.

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    Packing list:

    • Microphone
    • Metal Clip
    • Sponge windshield

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    Headset Microphone


    Conference Microphone


    Condenser Microphone

    Set Type

    Single Microphone





    Polar Patterns


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