Fishing Lures Best, Silicone, Worm, 4.7cm, 10 Colors, 10pcs/lot
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Artificial Soft Lure, Silicone, Worm, 4.7cm, 10 Colors, 10pcs/lot

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Fishing lures best


  • Brand Name: WDAIREN
  • Model Number: Silicone soft bait
  • Type: Artificial Bait
  • Material: Plastic/rubber
  • Position: River
  • Length: 47mm/1.96in (fishing lures best)
  • Weight: 0.7g/0.0246oz
  • Qty: 10pcs/package
  • Colors: 10 colors
  • Feature: Soft lure
  • Is_customized: Yes
  • Target Fish: Grass carp, Walking catfish, bass
  • Package: Soft bait bags

Description: (fishing lures best)

Generally, a fishing artificial lure is designed to attract fish and bring them to you. When fishing with bait, it is similar to hunting and bringing in the catch. Therefore, it is important that these lures are made to be attractive and as lifelike as possible in order to do the trick!

Many fishing artificial baits come in a range of different styles, shapes, and sizes and can be found with various lifelike skin designs. There are also those which can include LED lights which are said to increase the chances of a fish going for the lure. That is because the light-loving fish are biologically programmed to go for light whether hungry or not.  (fishing lures best)

Other specific types of bait come with certain advantages. This can include rattling lures that rattle through the water and make more of a presence to predators, making them feel more anxious and eager to bite.

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Lure Advantages:

Fun to use

In general, artificial lures are a more active way of fishing. Whenever you do get a strike it can be exciting to set the hook. This is because it’s a gamble whether or not you will catch a fish unlike when you use bait.

Covers more area

When using an artificial lure, you can actually cover a lot more water than when you use bait. This means you are free to fish in different areas without any worries! (fishing lures best)

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